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  1. I had them clean the injectors out which were full of debris... new plugs helped too...
  2. Just noticed you are ND fan.. Our company had Brian Kelly speak at our annual meeting 2 years ago.. Unbelievable motivating!
  3. that is an awesome boat! I have a 2006 276 signature that we love but will move up to that model in about 4 years when the price drops below 100k.
  4. So, winter in Wisconsin can be a little harsh and some people shrink wrap while others do a canvas/ cover or heavy tarp. I live in the country so worry about squirrels needing a safe place but they'll probably chew into a shrink wrap? Also read that the wraps are tight and any moister causes mold? Its 20 bucks/ft to have it done so at 28 feet kind of spendy. Maybe thinking about buying a custom heavy tarp/canvas... thoughts?
  5. thanks for everyone getting back to me. My mechanic called and said they went in and cleaned all the injectors which were full of debris. He said they have noticed this issue on the volvo's and mercs on older boats and its happening more frequently. He said he's going in for more training this winter. Hoped they would come out with a higher micron filter to solve this. Had to order a new O-ring kit since they took the engine apart. 723.00 total but its back up and running!
  6. I have a 2006 chap 276 signature with a volvo 320HP 5.7gsi It started running bad and the mechanic said cylinders 7&8 have injector issues. they will try and clean them but might have to order 2 injectors Anyone else have issues like that? Has 288 hours and sat for 8 months before I got it for 33k earlier last month
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