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  1. Thanks for your attention! Surely the work will be developed by a pro. But in any case he doesn't know perfectly the boat and the size of the tank. Chaparral sent me these schemes but I can't understand how they wrote the measures. Can you understand? Can you turn them into centimeters? Sorry but here in Italy we use a different metric system.
  2. Boban

    Nice to meet you!

    I introduce myself! I'm Matteo from Italy and I am the owner of this Chaparral 330.
  3. Good morning everyone, I am the owner of a Chaparral Signature 330 built in 2007, that is having an issue with the fuel tank (probably a hole in it/ broken). I read that someone on the forum has already had this problem. I need to substitute the tank and in order to do that I urgently need the stringer installation scheme of the boat. To proceed with the work I need all the measures regarding the tank (inches/ centimeters) and the exact position of it in the boat (in order to cut the fiberglass to access it). Can someone help me? Thank you in advance. Greetings from Italy Matteo
  4. 228/5000 Hi guys, I'm Matteo. I'm from Italy. I'm buying a chaparral 330 year 2009 with volvo penta D4 260hp engines. How are the consumption of this boat with the D4 engines diesel? merits and defects? what is the commercial value? Thanks in advance.
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