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  1. Iggy this could very well be correct and in the case of the water coming from either the engine compartment or the anchor locker then using the baitwell plug would have no negative effect!
  2. I appreciate the help from all. Reminder, I do not use water in the holding tank, sinks, shower, nor do I have a/c. From what I recall, there was never really a rhyme or reason as to when it would leak. But I do know one thing, the frequency has increased this past season while my frequency of using the boat was lower than normal. Based on that I seem to remember that it would be more likely to come up through the hole when the boat was left for a longer period of time which could possibly mean more rain could accumulate? I also seemed to trigger a leak one time when I stepped in the cabin and therefore shifted the weight (water) in the boat around. Otherwise, it was usually already there when I arrived. That being said, I just reviewed this great document again: http://chaparralboats.com/publications/uploaded_files/partGuides/Signature/2003/240.pdf On page 36, there is picture INSIDE CABIN STEP FACING AFT that shows the hole as: (3) 51005-00 5/8 DECK/BAITWELL PLUG I googled Baitwell plug and found this on Amazon...https://www.amazon.com/Moeller-Boat-Deck-Baitwell-Plug/dp/B000MTCRIW Maybe the hole is supposed to be filled with a baitwell plug since I do not use the drain for any accessories? This doesn't solve where the water is coming from but it seems like it will solve my issue of flooding the cabin. Just hoping it won't cause another issue. I wish I knew where that hole goes to and how water can come up it.
  3. No it was never solved. The water still randomly comes up from the drain in the floor and floods the carpeting. It actually was flooded in October when I went to remove it for the winter. I am out of options as to who I can contact since Chapparal goes directly to dealers and dealers don't seem to care about older boats. I am thinking to just plug the drain because having a flooded carpet every couple weeks is not enjoyable but I am not sure what else that might affect.
  4. Wow I've never seen that guide. Pretty useful. Thanks for sharing. I tried pulling on the hole plug and it's not going anywhere. In the guide it is definitely that are next to the shower sump and it seems like it is listed as shower drain. However there is a drain also in shower/bathroom area so not sure if that's what it is referring to. It would not make sense why I saw water coming back up out of a drain....
  5. Not on a lift. Just in a slip so I guess it could move a little but it really doesn't all the much and the time I saw it happen it was just me and I wasn't jumping around. I cannot find anyway to contact Chaparral but I am guessing that extra fitting would be in case I wanted to add an A/C unit? I will see what happens it I try to pull that hole up from the floor. Fingers crossed I don't sink
  6. So we had a lot of rain this past week and there was no new water on the carpet. It almost seems as if it accumulates over time and then eventually just overflows. However, I do turn on my rear bilge in the engine compartment when I come down to the boat and have seen it overflow after even doing that. I have attached a picture that you can see the enclosed case for the sump which I believe this is for the shower? Again this is under the steps that going into the cabin. It is not the forward berth seats. It is not just sloshing around because the boat is stationary in the marina slip when it happens.
  7. Exactly, I don't know where the water is coming from. The one time I actually saw water coming out of the hole with my own eyes, it seemed to be surging as to if it was being pumped however that could also be how the water was just overflowing out of the small hole? I wish I could attach a bigger picture of the area, I tried, however this forum limits the size of attachments so I had to cut the original picture. That forward bilge/sump is enclosed in a case and the sealed fitting is located on that case. This is all under the cabin steps area. If I put a hose into the hole and directed it in the enclosed bilge area would that actually work or would it still come up around the sides of the hose? I am going down to the boat today and we have had quite a bit of rain since I last was there so I will see what happened and try and get some more pictures.
  8. No I do not use the shower and no I do not have A/C. That fitting is sealed by the way so it should not pose a problem. The fitting connects to the sump area which is enclosed in a case. But the water is coming from the hole in the floor...
  9. Hello, I have a 2002 Chaparral Signature 240 that I bought used 8 years ago. The boat is still in really good condition and runs well! I do have one reoccurring issue that for some reason this year has gotten worse. Water is leaking up through a small hole (see picture), about 1 inch diameter, that is below the steps that go down into the cabin. There is a small bilge pump right near this hole but I have never heard the pump turn on before nor is there a switch that triggers it like the bilge pump in the rear engine compartment. I will arrive on the boat which is in a marina and the floor in the cabin will sometimes have up to an inch of standing water. It is usually much less than this and more than likely it is dry. One time recently I was loading the fridge and prepping the boat for a day out on the water and I see the water start to fill in the bottom carpet so I look under steps and water is pumping out of the this 1 inch hole. I have no idea where or why this water would be coming from this?? This has probably happened on like 5 or more occasions just this summer. In the past it probably happened about one every other year and very light so I didn't think much of it. Now it has gotten to be more than annoying as it actually prevents me from using the cabin. Does anyone know the purpose of this hole under the steps and why water would be coming back up from it?
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