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  1. it should work on shore power... with the ignition off...? Then I am safe to assume the element is toast...
  2. Hot water tank question? I filled up the water system this weekend for the first time... and tried to run the hot water tank, but could not get any hot water... When I threw the main breaker for the Hot Water Tank I did not notice an expected current draw increase on the meter. I assumed that the element was shot so today went looking for a new one online... where I came across the words "ignition protected" in the product description for the F600. Does this mean that the ignition has to be on to use the 110V feature of the HWT?
  3. I'm looking to upgrade too... I'm hoping there will be some good deals at the Boat show next week ;-)
  4. Are you talking firmware or software.... The latest software update for the 5212 that I could find on Garmin is ver 7.80 form June of 2015. Where are you finding firmware updates?
  5. Hard top was hollow, no insulation, had a factory hatch with access via a few screws on the inside roof of cockpit... made installation a breeze.... even have flexible conduit installed going to varios bow and stern locations... with pull strings already installed!!!.... should have seen me smile when I saw that, I was not looking forward to pulling wires... turns out I didn't have to. Someone was thinking when they built her. That "Mirror" is a glass hatch that opens up... gives you more headroom when stepping out onto the bow... another nice feature. TV antena was installed.... goes to the two TV's in the fore and aft bunks. The "black plastic" unit is a brass (painted with new antifoul) cowling/screen for the water intake for the A/C unit... on the other side of that (engine room) is a brass seacock that goes to the strainer prior to the A/C pump. PS... all this talk about florida is making me jealous… I'm up in the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver, BC, Canada)… my main fishing is Salmon and Halibut... also do lots of Crabbing (Dungeness and Red Rock)… I'll post some pics next time I'm out fishing ;-)
  6. Nice Pics Hatem! Thanks for sharing! Makes me want to get out and try mine! Here is what my radar and B175HW install looked like .
  7. Ooops… my bad... No I do not have an electronic heading compass. Not sure why the map is off... it's still off (not fixed) … I was just able to determine thet the issue is with the map overlay and not the GPS, as the coordinates provided by the GPS are correct... the position that it is corelated to on the map does not match the true position. The map I am using is the Garmin G2 Bluechart that was with the 5212 Chartplotter
  8. I have determined that the GPS coordinates are Spot On... overlaid info is off
  9. The chart is the Garmin G2 chart updated via Garmin Express... Came with the chart plotter... I just updated the map
  10. The antenna is roof mounted Garmin GPS17 connected to the chart plotter via the N2K network... I have determined that the GPS is providing the correct positioning (see my previous post).... The map that is overlaid is off. Thanks for the input
  11. There is a magnetic compas on the Helm... factory installed
  12. Hi all, Thanks for the input and suggestions... I have determined that the issue is with the map overlay... When I punch my GPS coordinates (displayed on the screen) into google maps it shows my precise location within 1' (moored at the dock ), however the map on the chart plotter shows me several hundred yards south of my actual location on the adjacent Island. GPS location (49°09.7647N 122°59.4537W) as shown on Google Maps (exact with a foot or two) GPS location (49°09.7647N 122°59.4537W) as shown on Garmin 5212 As you can see... The chart plotter shows me moored across the channel at Don Island. Is there a way to "offset" the map on the chart plotter to show correct position...?
  13. +1... I would check you fuel filters...
  14. Hi, The chart on my 5212 is off by quite a bit. As you can see in the attached image, the black dash shows the course that the 5212 tracked, the red is what I added to show my actual path. As you can see the plotter shows me going over a couple of islands and running aground on the south slope... I am running the latest update for that map downloaded from the Garmin Express software. Any suggestions as to what might be wrong or what I can do to correct this? Thanks,
  15. Well... I finally got around to installing my rod holders (along with my new Radar (GMR 24xHD), Sonar black box (GSD 26) and B175HW ducer) this weekend. I decided to go go outside of the cover so that I could still fish in in-climate weather with the cover on. They are a bit lower than I prefer but overall I'm pretty happy.... Cant wait to get out and use them!
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