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  1. silly question.... but.... Is the power on in the control panel? If i recall.... it's the V-Birth switch?
  2. Port side has a sticker on the Spark Arrestor cover.... Starboard one is missing
  3. I'm trying to locate the serial No. on the starboard engine. It is virtually impossible to get at to view so I was hoping that I could phone Chaparral and give them my VIN and see if they could pull up the record... but there is no email or phone number on the site... just refers you to the local dealer who is no help? Does anyone have a phone or email that might help in my search?
  4. Quick update... After much troubleshooting.... thermostat pooched... a bit of a relief.
  5. Low, low, was unusually low today... and one of the channels I had to pass had inches below my draft... was going dead slow but I could see the black mud being churned up behind me... a few minutes later when I was back in open water I got a “port engine overheating” alarm. i immediately shut it down and limped back to the marina on one engine. on my way back I opened up a couple of the winterization plugs... and water was flowing out... and the temp dropped... but when i reinserted and tried to run... temp shot back up. i noticed that the coolant pressure was noticeably
  6. UPDATE.... So this weekend I took the opportunity to do some troubleshooting... starting with the relays on top of the block... worked my way to the pump... fuse... etc. all seemed good but still no pump... So I took the hot lead and tried to "hot wire" the pump directly... still nothing.. put my meter to the + & -, Nothing..... AH_HA moment.... strait to the batterie checked the leads on the battery fine.... but the circuit breaker right after that was tripped. Reset the breaker and Voila.... Port Trim working again. Check the simple things first my fri
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions... I'll troubleshot more as suggested this weekend. As it was working fine on my previous outing.... I'm hoping its just a loose connection somewhere. I'll try the suggestions above and post the good news :-)
  8. Pump did not run... just the relays (trim up/trim down) on top of the engine.... you could hear and feel them clicking when the button was pushed.... pump doesn’t make a sound.... checked the fuse at the pump... it’s fine
  9. Hi All, When I was out on the water this past weekend I noticed that my port engine wont trim (up/down). When I got back to the marina I did some quick investigating/troubleshooting... Checked the fuse on the port pump...it was ok... noticed that when I tried the trim switch on the throttle lever, the up/down relays clicked like they were trying to work.... Is there another fuse somewhere that I am missing... what else should I be looking at? Any suggestions?
  10. it should work on shore power... with the ignition off...? Then I am safe to assume the element is toast...
  11. Hot water tank question? I filled up the water system this weekend for the first time... and tried to run the hot water tank, but could not get any hot water... When I threw the main breaker for the Hot Water Tank I did not notice an expected current draw increase on the meter. I assumed that the element was shot so today went looking for a new one online... where I came across the words "ignition protected" in the product description for the F600. Does this mean that the ignition has to be on to use the 110V feature of the HWT?
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