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  1. Chapshute

    PlasDeck on 2008 Sig 290

    Texas - did u order through an installer or direct from the company? I have same boat and am interested in doing the upgrade. Thx
  2. Chapshute

    Chaparral 270

    I have a 2008 27' with 5.7 320hp. No issues. Plenty of power when fully loaded with 5 plus dinghy, outboard and supplies for a few days. And I have all females in my house - so lots of stuff. I cruise in the low to mid 20 knot range.
  3. Chapshute

    Towing Help

    I should mention that it is two wheel drive and because of the independent suspension has crawled it way up the slickest ramp - literally have just hit the gas and let the car figure it out. Have shocked more than a few.
  4. Chapshute

    Towing Help

    I have a 2008 QX56. Thing is a brick house. Comes with auto load leveling. Tow a sig 250 (2008) on a triple axle 45 miles each way. Itll stop fine with the surge brakes on the trailer. It'll stop without them working - brake line broke once. Impressive vehicle.
  5. Chapshute

    Anchoring for an overnight stay

    I have the same 27' 250 and have 25+ feet of chain. I upgraded from stock due to iffy holding in water over 30 ft deep. Ok to have less if shallow.
  6. Chapshute

    Fuel Pump Whine

    I had mine whine earlier this year. Pressure was down about 15 psi. Had it replaced and new one started doing it. Just had the second new one swapped in. They can be temperamental. You are on borrowed time my friend.
  7. Chapshute

    Towing boat on highway with camper top on???

    Button it up well - I've done 70 with mine up
  8. Chapshute

    2008 Signature 250

    Had an awesome ride up the coast from Ventura to SB yesterday. Wind picked up as always but behind us. Love my 250. Of course I was removing some salt water from the bildge and doused the fume sniffer - it had a fit and went off. I may have killed it again :-). Isn't boating cool!
  9. Chapshute

    2008 Signature 250

    I have a 2008 250 with 5.7gxi. Now at 420 hours. The only early problem to speak of was the power steering giving up the ghost. Lost fluid through the cooler. Bit of a pain, but replaced under warranty. Everything else has been maintenance related. Just had the manifolds and risers done and added freshwater cooling. New plugs, filters, belt and impeller. Runs great. I will say that under the right circumstances my gauges can fog, but it is rare.
  10. Chapshute

    270 Signature aft canvas

    I did mine about 4 years ago. That price sounds about right for the camper canvas version.
  11. Chapshute

    Adding closed cooling to 5.7 Volvo

    Had mine done at 400 hours (2008 sig 250 5.7) - I don't buy the flaking/ clogging argument. Even if is we're true you would notice a gradual increase in temp and be able to solve for it. My mechanic has done it a number of times and never an issue. He estimates I'll get another 500 hours out of it and for 1100 deer was worth it. By the way, in my therm housing it looked like little black specks adhering to the walls - no rust flakes. Likely the result of flushing with salt away.
  12. Chapshute

    3G iPad Mini + Navionics instead of chartplotter

    I chucked my gear and rigged an otterbox case for my iPad 3G and than added a Dual xgps150a for better accuracy. Use nc charts and garmin charts as well as boat beacon. Take it out on the Pacific every time. Dead nuts reliable and if I lose power it will still work. Have five backups (fam all has iPhones) when we are out on the water.
  13. Chapshute

    Did it! Replaced manifolds and risers

    I just did it too. Had a professional do both the manifolds and risers at the same time. Had 400 hours and 5 years on my 5.7 gxi. I took the opportunity to throw in a closed cooling system to give the block a break. Changed plugs, belt, fluids, impeller and anything else that looked iffy. Of note, the mechanic used a copper spray on the riser gaskets - seems to improve the sealing. Sea trial was yesterday and it ran better than new! Even looks new - maybe that is more in my mind :-). Total damage, including a little work on the trailer brakes ... Ok you got the oxygen bottle ready...4000 very large young and furry deer. Deep breath...
  14. Chapshute

    Inspected Riser

    Totally get it, and my current answer is to pull the risers annually and acid wash if necessary - just another maintenance item. Gives me peace of mind and they will last longer. I have plenty of material left - just corroded and clogged. Interesting my religious salt away flushing did not yield better results. Never an easy choice, I'm just not ready to try something new - you'll have to keep me posted on the ss ones if you get them. Will make the decision easier for me next time :-).
  15. Chapshute

    Inspected Riser

    Black pearl - I talked with my mechanic and he was concerned about mixing non VP parts along with the potential cracking aspect. Big deer if those suckers crack. I feel the 400 hours I got was reasonable. I'm now considering adding a closed cooling system to protect the rest of the engine - about 1300 deer for installed.