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  1. No, there was not oil in the bellows, so, I guess i'm clear on that. Wow hat relief !!!! . but anyway, Where that oil comes from ( to replace latter)?
  2. Hi Guys, Today I went to remove the drive (Alpha One Gen II), and, after remove the nuts and washers i went to pull of the drive, ok, it was not too difficult but some oil dropped on the ground, coming from the gimble. Question : Is that a normal occurrence?, also, I ( you know I'm a newbie) did not set the drive in forward position before removal: Any problem w/ that? All help will be appreciated. Thanks for the answers.
  3. cadeco


    Anyone has information of how many pumps are on the 1993 2850 sport and were they are located. I found one just behind the engines , but, What about the others ( If they exist).
  4. cadeco

    Reupholster or new

    All ramps in Broward and Palm Beach County are closed, That Chinese stuff is to blame. I just heard yesterday that Marinas are charging $10.00 per foot to launch a boat ( no return included). By the way after all this time the guy finally gave me the seat, but will take back for something that's not very well done.
  5. Looking on the Southeastern I see no one from S. FL. There are no Chaparrals on that area?
  6. cadeco

    Reupholster or new

    Unbelievable , My bench seat and hatch cover(?) still not done yet, They say it will be ready next week. After that i will take the boat for a " check up", change oils/ spark plugs/filters/drive fluids, and revise all electric. I do not want to be caught on the water w/out power or with mechanical problem, - " It's not feasible to get out and push". As soon as I get it done I will try to post photos.
  7. cadeco

    Reupholster or new

    Hi Iggy The cost to reupholster my ( non flip up or drop down ) bucket seats would be $250.00 each, so, I decided to buy brand new flip up bolster seats that can be found on line for the same cost or for a little bit more , and they are new!
  8. cadeco

    Reupholster or new

    Thanks for the post K. Marcus. I went to a few places and ended up with a very big difference in quotes i decide for one and at a certain point the guy did come w/ a BS telling me that it was $200 more than what was agreed. ( I guess it should be finished this week). The cost for the seats ( bucket) were for a number that would make more financial sense to buy new bolster seats, my OEM seats are not bolster, so i decided to buy . I will try to get pics this week and post , if i learn how to. .
  9. No, it's not my first one, but I could also say" yes it is" because my first on e was a Bayliner and lasted just a couple of months; then, I bought a Seacraft center counsel to rebuilt, this one is going to be painted ( the top side only) next week. I had the deck replaced since there were a couple of soft spots, the transom has been closed and I had a bracket made for it. I decide to get the Chaparral because we have two grandsons ( the oldest is 3 1/2 years old) and we got to the conclusion that we would need a cabin in case the kids would come. I liked the lines of the Chap and looked at some reviews ( good reviews by the way) and got this one. I wanted something smaller ( 24/25 feet , but I'm happy, a bit of work and money in but, does make sense, it will be on the trailer. About the Seacraft, I do not have any idea what I will do after it be done.m That's my story. PS: You probably have noticed " I'm a real newbie on the boat thing.
  10. Haten, my boat does not have the arch. I guess the arch was optional and the owner ( first owner) just let it pass. I, myself prefer it w/out the arch, after I bought I looked to see if there was any sign of an arch being removed, not any sign ( holes ,stains....)
  11. Well , I got the following: Owner's Manual, 1993 brochure( showing all models)/a GUEST model 2610, 10 amp battery charger manual/ Norcold TEK II dual voltage refrigerator owner's guide/ Mercruiser Alpha One models operation and maintenance manual/, Mercruiser Service Manual Number 17 books 1 and 2/and , and Mercruiser Service manual number 14 Alpha One Generation II.t hose are the books that I got.
  12. That's the exact copy of my panel. Thank you very, very much!, now since we are at the photo and my dash is faded I will ask: The gauge w/ rectangle face next to the fuel gauge is for what ? and if mine is broken where can I get replacement? Sorry for asking many questions but this is what happens when you are a newbie. Again, Thanks
  13. The "turning the switches one at a time" is/was thinking to do if not would show up, but the plastic tags is definitely a very good idea, if no photos that is what I will do.!!!!! Thanks for the idea!
  14. Hi Denny., I wish yours were like mine. would help a lot.
  15. Hi Hatem. Thanks for the reply. Denny already said that it's not like his, but, it is exactly like mine. My helm is also grey, but, the lines and information on the switches have been erased by the sun ( last owner did not cover it). I hope there will be someone that can give me that photo I'm looking for. Yes the 2 motor should work well, and shall make it a bit fast. Again, Thanks.
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