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  1. I find it interesting that the Volvo oil is not on this list: https://www.nmma.org/certification/oil/fc-wcat
  2. Nothing, but I don't feel like driving to the Volvo dealer to get it or pay 2x for it.
  3. Browsed through the forums and found different things. I would prefer to run Mobil 1 oil over the Volvo Penta Oil. Problem, it apprears you can only get the 10W40 Mobil 1 in the high mileage version. Anyone find something different? Ok to use this version? Then thought of running the 15W-50 version. Thoughts? Issues?
  4. Tried both Cecil and Great Lakes Skipper. Looking for the Gas Grill mount assembly for my 264 Sunesta. Any ideas or alternatives people have used?
  5. I noticed I lost one of my vent covers that are on the underside of my 264 Sunesta. Does anyone know the part number and where to get replacement? There are two of these that vent the air out to the op side of the platform vent.
  6. The amount of water is about 2 quarts after 2 hours of running the boat. Plug was pulled prior to putting boat in. I put Teflon tape this time on the plug. While running, I have checked the area where the drive shaft comes through and see zero water. No swimmers yet, as water in NH is only 51. I am going to bring boat home, and fill the bilge up with a little water to see if I can locate the source. THe only thing I forgot to check is the drain plug on freshwater cooling heat exchanger to see if that is leaking. Driving me nuts that I can't find the source.
  7. Quick question. 1. 2015 264 Sunesta with the Volvo 380 DPS. Filled the coolant reservoir up. When running it is dropping down to the min level line. Mechanic said this is normal, but that seems weird to me. Thoughts? 2. Also have water entering somewhere in the bilge...thought it was drain plug, but its not. I can't locate it at all and I have looked really hard. Anyone have ideas?
  8. That appears to be orange though, not the yellow vcs.
  9. Who has found the equivalent to this antifreeze? Looks like it organic acid extended life type. Which is the same as Peak Long Life and Prestone Extended life. Anyone else have info?
  10. Hello- We recently purchased a 2015 264 Sunesta with the Volvo 380. I just finished uncovering it and hooking the batteries up. When I turn the key on , i see this message on the tach: Check Engine SPN: FMI:4 CNT:4 I did have the marina run the boat before we bought it in January and I did check everything and there were not codes. Any ideas? Is this normal as the engine has not started yet this season. Thanks!
  11. Do they fit the mounting pattern brackets on the tower?
  12. Off topic, but what brand are your tower speakers. I have the same boat (2015) and want to add the speakers. Thanks
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