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  1. no wires behind the panel Depth meter is integrated in the smartcraft Rev counter.
  2. just back from 3 weeks of extensive boating and filling up in Italy. final solution was all the guest aboard on one side and take my time and manually manage the fill speed instead of giving it full gass. 150 liters is something else than my 80 liter diesel tank in the Beemert, so it takes a while. just enjoyed the gas fumes while filling up. (i was quite surprised how much gas fumes you could see escape in the sun!)
  3. my '09 236 ssx has a blind panel on the dash, this irritates me, as it looks there's something missing. what gauge is ment to be there. i also consider a perfect pass, don't read to much here in the chaparral forum. anyone fitted one themselve on a Mag 350?
  4. Try Ron: wholesaler_two@hotmail.com ordered a new rev and tachfor my 09 236 ssx Within 4 days shipped and delivered in the Netherlands! highly recommended
  5. try Ron @ wholesaler_two@hotmail.com I just bought a new speedo (mine had a broken glass) and smartcraft rev counter with him He might be able to help U out. Be sure to mention my name (Rob van Aarem)!! good luck and keep us posted on your buy
  6. I connected a foot pump hose on the bottom of the vent hose and blew on it to see if it was clogged. no problem there. only thing that I can think of is that both fuel and venthose allmost horizontally connect to gas tank. maybe solution is that all passengers sit on opposite side of filler cap.
  7. have a 236 ssx 09. mercury 350 mag apart from faulty gauge and filling the tank to the rim we couldn't be happier. I only miss a wakeboard tower
  8. Yes I sent him the numbers on the gauges and he verified that he had the correct gauges hopefully all is well. It will take appr 10-16 workingdays untill it’s here in Netherlands 24th we’ll Drive to Italy, so hopefully the are on time
  9. I can only find this, but that's not for the square one.. https://www.manualslib.com/products/Mercury-Smartcraft-System-Tachometer-7045854.html help is appreciated!
  10. thanks I, will have a look. Do you mean the little table in the manual? çhaparral quick reference setup???? (attaching pictures is difficult) https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipM1eNygCgprkswt4DXYvsWtpkrRboo1Abu3690D Yes I specificly made pictures of the back of my gauges for the correct parts numbers (I bought a speedo as wel) and ordered the same type
  11. I'm having problems to fill my tank completely. at 3/5 full it overflows and further filling takes ages. I checked the venting hose, it's not clogged. Any tips?
  12. bought a new one @ wholesaler_two@hotmail.com hopefully on time for transport to Italy
  13. bought a new one @ wholesaler_two@hotmail.com he bought a complete inventory of a dealer and has numerous gauges on stock much friendlier prices than Cecil Marine hopefully the smartgauge is on time for transport to Italy..
  14. I just bought this boat, so everything should work properly.. (for me for a lot of money). would be a bad start if it doesn't work on the first weekend out. I have one year warranty on tech so if I can't fix it myselve I have to go back to the dealer.
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