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  1. Mudbug

    Steering Knob

    Swatt: Looks like we both have Suncoasts. Thanks for the advice on your solution for phone storage. My current iPhone doesn't have wireless charging but that situation will be changing soon. I'll check out the magnetic mount. Cheers
  2. Mudbug

    Steering Knob

    Nice looking solution, I'll have to get one also. Mind if I ask you where you got that small white storage bin attached to lower gunwale at your helm in your first photo? My one complaint about my Chaparral is that there is no place on or near the dash to put my phone. The cup holder is usually filled with a beverage. Thanks.
  3. Congratulations. We bought the same boat, in the same color, this past May. We put 32 hours on it this season and it's been a good boat so far. Hope you can get it launched soon.
  4. I have a 2020 230 Suncoast with the fiberglass light blue self draining livewell under the rear seat, but not an aerator since I don't fish out of mine. I think the fiberglass basin comes standard will all 230s made in the past 2 or 3 years. If I decide to start fishing with the boat, I can easily install an aftermarket aerator and tap into a pre-existing power wire for it. The switch is already on the dash. What I can't figure out is if you order it with a factor installed aerator, do you also get some type of hinged lid the fits under the vinyl seat cushion. What's in my boat would nev
  5. Mudbug

    250 Suncoast

    Ztrem: If you haven't already done so, type Suncoast into the Search box in the upper right. You'll quickly find a discussion on this very topic in the past two years. There are lots of replies and several comments from actual 250 Suncoast owners. My memory of that was that the boat handles 1-2' waves fine, but anything bigger in open water might cause problems. I purchased a 230 Suncoast this year so I can only say that the boat feels very solid when going over 1-2 wakes on large inland waters. The shallower deadrise takes lots of attention to hold good track at lower speeds, but on
  6. Club Marcus: thanks for your thoughts. Does the water getting into the anchor locker cause any problems other than keeping the bilge damp for a while? You have a beautiful family and it’s fun to see them enjoying your boat so much.
  7. Thanks to all of you for the info. Just ordered our Suncoast today.
  8. eng84ine: thanks so much for your thoughts. I agree with you on it being very well equipped, that’s why it’s at the top our list. I was at the Miami Boat Show this past weekend and they seemed to have almost every boat on the planet there, except for the 230 Suncoast. They did have the 250 Suncoast though. That’s also a very nice boat, just a bit too much for what we need. I was impressed with the fit and finish of all hardware and vinyl.
  9. wwchris: Thanks so much for your thoughts. I have not been able to see one yet, would you be able to give some info. on the amount of space in the bow seats? I'm 5'10" and want to know if I'd be able to sit in one side of the bow with my back to the windshield and extend my legs fully forward on a seat without hitting the front gunwale. Thanks again for your time.
  10. Also, sorry for the very broad questions and lack of background. I’ve read most of the older reviews and questions on the 230 Suncoast already posted. Any recent updates to those threads would be appreciated. Thank you.
  11. New to the Forum and enjoying reading all of the great information here. I’m a longtime pontoon owner and am considering a trade for a new Suncoast 230 this spring. I’d appreciate any and all comments from owners on the positives and negatives of ownership. Anything I need to consider before purchasing? Any must-have options? How does it trailer? Any experience with warranty repair issues from Chaparral? I’m looking at one with the standard 200 hp Yamaha and the boat would be used exclusively on inland lakes and rivers in the Midwest. I’d also be trailering it to all locations. than
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