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  1. Thanks dan02gt. I checked and you are right...the center panel comes off with the two gauges. Question - is there a Chaparral replacement panel - one that fits a navigation system. Just curious..thanks huge help.
  2. 216 widebody. Where is it located at? And thanks for the response
  3. I have a pretty clean 2014 SSI with only 120 hours. Based on the gauge set up - I do not see room to add a Navi/map screen in the dash. Any recommendation on where to add the equipment. Suggestions on where I can possibly do it and keep the look "factory". Any pics you can share of your set up would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Dan02gt - thank you sir. That was it...appreciate the help.
  5. Im certain there is a screw back there.... https://photos.app.goo.gl/P3Wav1BAzi3wq4nV9
  6. Replacing a broken hinge on my 2014 SSI glove box. Removed the screw that holds both parts of the hinge together. I see that the glove box door - which has the top portion of the hinge - has a couple of nuts on the back.. Appears the bottom hinge, which is attached to the glove box trim piece...also has screws and a nut. Didn't see how to access that so I assume the trim pops off?Can someone verify please before I do something stupid. Found my hinge from Cecil Marine for under $30....original part coming soon. Didn't want to break something so asking first before I create a bigger
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