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  1. Hey all, I’m new to the site and it’s my first time posting, hopefully I can get pointed in the right direction... I recently purchased a beautiful 07 310 signature in great condition. However the stern light and cockpit light are both on their last legs and I would like to replace them. The part number is 81605 but I have not been able to find a replacement online and the aftermarket ones seem to be round or too small to fit in its place. Anyone know where I could find one or have other ideas? Here’s a link to what it looks like http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/light-stern-courtesy-light-sorry-this-item-is-no-longer-available/ thanks! Chris
  2. Joe, I’m about 10 years late on this post but I recently purchased an ‘07 310 signature and have been searching high and low for this light with no luck. I checked out your website and it said it’s all sold out, any chance you know of another place to get one or of a similar light that will fit into its place? Thanks!
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