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  1. At this point, and thanks to the Chaparral Boat Owners page in FB, it looks like the problem is not having a battery isolator between the two house deep cycle batteries. I've ordered a smart isolator, essentially a VSR that I'll install between the two. I'll report back if this is indeed a solution. Many thanks to all that gave their time.
  2. Iggy, he says he never touched the VSR. He tells me he only added a second house battery by installing the battery and then connecting it in parallel to the existing house batt. That's all he said he did. So more than likely then, this goes back to the charger itself and how it might not be able to charge the two house batts that are in parallel, as Cyclops2 mentions above? But why? If they're in parallel, it's as if there's just one battery.
  3. Howdy. I'm in a real quandary. A befuddlement. A puzzle inside a conundrum. I had a repair shop add a second house battery (in parallel with the first house battery) to my 2006 Sig 276 as I use a cpap and wanted extra battery power. On my first outing after installation, my house batteries powered down and would not charge back up. I've run the boat with batt #1 (engine) and batt #2 (house) switches on and my emergency parallel switch off, which is how it's noted in the user's manual, what I've read on this forum, and on the battery switch panel itself. Up until the added house batt, when
  4. This would certainly be more sturdy, and long enough to make it comfortable getting on and off. Adjustable height too. https://www.amazon.com/Telescoping-Ladder-Aluminum-Extendable-Standard/dp/B07BKQWFWM/ref=sr_1_29?dchild=1&keywords=8ft+Foot+Aluminum+Telescoping+Ladder+330+Pound+Capacity&qid=1590716396&sr=8-29
  5. This is the Sea-Dog ladder from West Marine: https://www.westmarine.com/buy/sea-dog--5-step-boarding-ladder--123406?recordNum=8
  6. Looking for recommendations for a decent collapsible ladder that I can use to get on and off my Sig 276 when beaching. West Marine has the Sea-Dog rope ladder for $57, and that seems to be the only thing I can find. I have a windlass so a bow mounted ladder similar to the swim platform ladder is not an option. Thank you!
  7. Sorry to be so ignorant here... Thank you for your patience. Is the VSR a part of the battery switch panel or is it the actually "battery charger" unit on the midships bulkhead wall? If part of the panel, then it's quite tight down under there and a difficult squeeze for my "middle aged frame" if you will.
  8. Thank you Iggy. Would I find that at the battery selection panel or attached to the battery charger up against the midships bulkhead, accessible through engine compartment? I talked to the tech who did the installation a few minutes ago, and he has no idea what it could be. He said, "I have no idea. I'll have to see it." I thought that a bit rude. I know he needs to drive business, but they're so busy right now, you'd think he'd have given me at least one suggestion so I didn't have to come in for such a potential easy fix.
  9. And the house batteries were definitely drawn down as I use a cpap and it quit in the middle of the night after playing the stereo for a few hours...
  10. I just had a second house battery installed professionally for my 2006 chaparral signature 276. Now the "charging battery" red light on the battery switch control panel associated with the VSR module doesn't light when either I'm running the engine (I brought it up to 2200 rpm) or running the generator. The batteries are not charging. Any suggestions before I have to take her in?
  11. Here's an option that's certainly in the budget. Does anyone own this two person tender ($259), or the four person model ($399)? Any recommendations? https://www.costway.com/goplus-2-person-7-5-ft-inflatable-fishing-tender-rafting-dinghy-boat.html?piid=9224700
  12. I'm planning a two week trip on Lake Powell and need a solution for getting ashore, as dry as possible, with expensive camera gear. I'm reluctant to beach my 2006 Sig 276, and besides, there will be locations (Reflection Canyon, for instance) where there are no beaches nearby. I bought an inflatable kayak from Costco, but is was way too tipsy. I've seen small, "zodiac" style inflatables (West Marine), but they are pricey. I'm a big guy, so launching from swim platform has its challenges anyway, but finding a good solid ship to shore inflatable is a must.
  13. Proud new owner of a 2006 Signature 276. Boat and gel coat are in excellent shape given nearly 15 years old. Left boating 30 years ago, so am looking for suggestions on hull cleaning and waxing products: Cleaner/Wax/Pole Washer/Electric Buffer/etc. Thank you in advance...
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