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  1. Looking at a 2016 sunesta 244 with a 350 mag that has 71 hours on it. The boat is a few hundred miles away, so it’s not easy to see. I’m was going to make an offer contingent on a sea trial. But before I make the drive, is that enough motor for 5-6 people and water sports? It’s a 300hm engine with a bravo 3 out drive.
  2. I appreciate the feedback, I’m going to stick with my initial thought and go with at least 300, more likely 350. Thanks again.
  3. Been looking at boats for awhile and I plan on buying this fall or next year when the like new used boats flood the market. I’m looking at the 246ssi, 244 sunesta or 257 ssx in the chaparral line since the boat must be towable by my wife’s Tahoe on occasion. The boat will most likely be used for a mix of everything over the next 10 years while my boys grow up. In my mind, 300hp is the minimum I want to go, but there are a lot of 270-280hp boats out there. Is that engine large enough?
  4. I appreciate the feedback. I shot the guy an offer, a lower one at that due to the risk, so we will see. If it has any signs of water intrusion I’ll walk. I don’t mind being out a little money to have the boat checked out for my piece of mind. The boat has 95 hours on it so who knows.
  5. Looking at a 2015 with a 377 mag that hasn’t been started in 3 years. The boat is 5 hours away and I’m going to have a mechanic check it out before buying. I’m thinking I will probably have to drain all the gas before starting, and new battery at a minimum. If it starts and runs I’m thinking, new oil, belt, impeller, and? Thanks in advance.
  6. Not really, I was hoping there were a few members with actual experience. I’m hitting up some fb pages with the same question as well. I’m looking for actual performance, I’ve watched all these videos. But I think we are going to hold off until next fall/winter to buy a boat anyway due to the rush right now. Let this sellers market cool off and transition into a buyers market once everyone realizes that boating is expensive and they have to still make boat/storage payments. i have decided that whatever engine I go with will most likely be the 350hp version though. I’m not
  7. It seems like a lot of boats I’m finding in the 23-24ft range have the 300hp VP, 5.3 closed cooling system engine. Are you giving up too much displacement with that engine? Dealers seem to like it over the 6.2 merc, they all say it performs better. Anyone run that engine?
  8. When you say prop strikes, like with the ground or hitting stuff in the lake when running the boat? Shallow water hits are one thing, but striking something while running seems like it would be a catastrophic event.
  9. Looking at 2, 2019 246 ssi boats. One has the merc 6.2 the other has the Volvo 5.7, both are 300hp. Is there any real performance difference between the two?
  10. Please advise on how a ballast bag makes the boat unsafe?
  11. I don’t believe the prop will affect the wake itself. However going with a lower pitch will allow you to get on plane at a lower speed possibly, and with the added weight from the bags combined that could increase the wake. On my last boat, I went with a 5 blade prop for hole shot and low speed maneuverability for water sports.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. I agree on the test drive, I just didn’t want to drive 5 hours and be disappointed in the first 5 minutes.
  13. Been looking for a new boat and ran across a 2019 246ssi with a 6.2 300hp, Dp setup. This boat will be a boat we keep for a number of years and plan on using it for tubing, skiing, wakeboarding and cruising. The load will probably be 2 adults and 2 kids most of the time, but as the kids get older that could change as well. The boat is located a few hundred miles or I would test drive it myself.
  14. Lrdchaos

    237 ssx?

    I appreciate the feedback. I’m not going v6 in this boat. My last boat was a 20.5ft boat with the 5.0mpi and when we loaded it down you could tell. I’m going with at least 300hp if not 350 with a 23-24 foot boat. I’ve never had a dual prop drive so that will be a change, but I want to make sure I have the power on tap when I need it.
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