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  1. Would the info in this thread also apply to bunks on a boat lift?
  2. Head unit Clarion M455A, remotes CMRC3D-W; all three remotes have power and read outs but no functionality; no volume control, no track selection,no source selection. It is just wierd,got power and read outs,they just don't work. BTW all remotes went out at the same time! Any thoughts?
  3. Found where the water is coming in; see attached; boat has never been beached and sits in my dock on a boat lift 12 months out of the year. bunks are set by lift mfg @ 26" spread forward and 36" aft. Fiberglass guy thinks it is hull stress failure; there are going to cut out the ski locker Monday (ouch); this could get rich; I think I hear my lawyers calling. I have had three Chaparrals since 1983; what the heck has happened to their QC? Will post additional pics
  4. Still working on this problem; have not found water entry; one recommedation was to disconnect battery (to disable auto float bilge) and fill bilge with water and then look for leaks. In effect reversing the process. Thoughts? I am at my wits end.
  5. Still cannot find source of problem; water is coming from somewhere ahead of bulkhead in engine compartment; water is flowing in the gutter under the gas tank; went underwater and inspected hull; no issues; boat has never been beached; took dividers out of forward port locker; no moisture; a little moisture in starboard locker forward of helm station; no moisture in head; no moisture in starboard locker under sink; no moisture in rear starboard locker; all thru hulls are connected tight;
  6. Cruzomatic, Not the cooler; do you have pics of the drain plugs and bellows you mentioned? Thanks Will keep you in the loop
  7. 2008 Sunesta 254; this year I have been getting so much water into the bilge that the auto pump is going off about every 7 or 8 minutes, hard. This happens even if the boat is anchored sitting still; water is coming through the gutter under the gas tank; forward starboard locker is somewhat damp, starboard locker in front of helm station also has some soaked carpet. Ski locker has some moisture but I cannot be be sure it is not from rain. Hull has absolutely no evidence of a problem. Boat has never been beached; never had this problem; is stored on boat lift at docked. Any thoughts?
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