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  1. Good luck with your swap. How many hr did you get out of the mercruiser.
  2. That is a good looking boat nice. Chesapeake city is my favor place to go at the tiki bar.
  3. Yes that is the right spot. I will look for the administration. Thanks
  4. Thanks for your response. I see that but it will not let me changed it.when I hit edit I no longer see display your name.
  5. How do I changed my display name? From my email to my name.
  6. Hi everyone I am waiting for are first Chaparral a 2020 24 ssi, can't wait to get her home.
  7. Hey have some one make a paper copy , mail it to you.
  8. I do not have any experience with your engines but i just came of Yamaha jet XR1800 an i can tell you my will not plane with one engine off. Also like it was said before you have to pinch the intake water above 5mph.
  9. OK that sound positive. I will look at it and report back. when i was looking into i though i was a nice set up
  10. The order was place on 3/5/20 and they think by April it be done.
  11. I am looking forward to this spring when i get it. I am planing to put an oil catch can on it , i all ways use one on my cars , it have work well for me.
  12. Hello every one, new to the site. I just order a new 2020 24 ssi with the Volvo penta 350hp ,Is my first chaparral. What you guys think about the volvo penta with the direct injection?
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