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  1. Buy one that is the way you want it and enjoy, life is to short.
  2. Back in the 80s i hit a railroad tie with an out boar and i have to replace the transom. Good luck.
  3. It sound good but i like the music more, Also the conversation is more pleasant.
  4. Yes on split it into 2 States. South jersey end up forking the buck of the tax.
  5. Is better to have some nice music playing then a loud exhaust.
  6. Phillbo I do not think you are missing much.
  7. This may give you an ideal. https://boattest.com/view-news/4354_the-mercruiser-50l-vs-350-mag-which-engine-is-more-fuel-efficient
  8. I have replace the gas cap on my old boat, was not izzy. Be prepare to have some bloody knuckles, it looks like it can not be done but is doable. It is hard to take it off also, goes in really hard. You will need some lobe and heat.
  9. Yes on the above. A boat to me is a big boys toy that you can never stop spending money on, and when you sale it you will never get all you're money back. All you get is the good times , some time are not so good.
  10. Yes it look like super top secret. What a jock.
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