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  1. Yes i have not seen her only in pictures.
  2. A packet knife is like the american express card never live home with out it.
  3. Well she is in and ready to be pickup, I am working nights this weekend so I am set to pick her up on Tuesday after I get 3to4 hr sleep about 1pm. I am so ready for it but the wife is even more.
  4. You can get the numbers of the boat on the chap web site then add about 3 to 4 feet for the trailer.
  5. Then merc is better for you. Lets be real they are not that unreliable merc or volvo as long you do the proper maintains.
  6. What happen to Lake George? New Yorkers do like lake gorge. I am in sout jersey and want to go to LG, look nice .
  7. Volvo have better technology and better fuel mileage. A chap dealer can work on Volvo Penta they sale it.
  8. My personal opinion go with the biggest engine. I am getting the 350 hp but I wish the offer the 380 hp i would have got that.
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