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  1. That is right and the salt water will turn it into a red tie that FL have.
  2. You are right Phillbo. There is an extra wire on the plug so when is in revers they will be free. If not you can put a in in it, so it will not work and you can back up.
  3. I have disk breaks with surge and my work good no problem backing.
  4. If you have the right connection , when you place the truck on revers it will activate a swish, so you will not have any problem. If not there is a place for a pin to do it on manual.
  5. Man You are lucky . Do they do boat rental? That may have to be a bucket list.
  6. There you go, there is more in the web. Man I wish I was closer .
  7. Beautiful lake , It looks like no one live close by. How far do you have to travel to get to it?
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