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  1. personally, zero. i bought it as a project boat. previous owner parked it last year when he lost interest. rain water went in through the carb amd im afraid rusted the inside of the cylinders
  2. my 4.3l Mercruiser is shot, i did find a Penta 4.3l, what all do have to change to do this swap?
  3. thank you for all the feedback, it is greatly appreciated. i picked up the boat for next to nothing, so i have some budget to work with. I was hoping to be able to find replacement cushions for most of the seats, but i am not even able to put my hands on any boat scrap yards that have anything that i may need so i am trying to prioritize which ones to repair now and which ones can wait. the boat initially had the back to back seats for driver and passenger, but they are gone and i am really not a fan of them anyways, so i want to move to a bucket seat at least on the driver side, if not on both, so thanks for the feedback! It currently has the motor cover with one small seat on either side of the cover, also not a fan, but im looking for ideas on things others may have done to come up with a better solution there. No swim deck, but definitely on my list of things to add, whether now or later. i spent this morning tearing up the floor over the fuel tank due to rot, once i get that back in and a few trim pieces re-built i will be looking hard for flooring and then hopefully tackling the seating and seeing what the engine is going to need. thanks again for the advice
  4. picked up a 2001 Chaparral 200SSE that needs some work on the interior. new seats, carpet and upholstery. looking for recommendations on where to get bucket seats and pedestals along with replacement carpet (tan). boat sat for a year in the weather so i am reworking a lot.
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