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  1. Ok, I was able to get out and run my new props this weekend. Huge difference. As a disclaimer, it's highly unlikely that anyone is going to have the same set up as I do. I have 8.2L HO 430 HP, with 2.2 gear ratio in Bravo 3 outdrive (I would guess most everyone else comes stock with 2.0 gear ratio). You can call Mercury and give them your engine or hull number and they can tell you what your boat is. This was custom ordered for higher elevation. I brought it back down to 700 ft, therefore needed a change. I started with Merc 26P 4x3 props, and converted to Hill Marine (Signature) 4x4 props. This is not a completely fair comparison to justify the Hill Marine props because I went up in pitch. However, the results speak for themselves. I was hitting the rev limiter at 5000 RPM on the 26P props at 85% throttle, so I need to drop RPM by 300 or so, going up to the 28P dropped the RPM and let me use full throttle. With the new props, I hit 52 MPH with 2 people on board and nearly 100 gallons of gas in the tank. The real sweet spot is around 3000 RPM, very efficient fuel burn (10% better). Also, I was also able to plane much slower, at 16.5 MPH, this is a big seller for some people. But you will see that it's not more fuel efficient to do so. The hole shot is less with 28P for sure. The other props really got me out of the water fast, but at the end of the day, I love the 4x4 props. I use this as a wakeboarding boat, and the lesser hole shot actually helps me not rip the rope out of my 9 year olds hands when we start. Also, I mostly cruise at 3000 RPM, so this is the right solution for me. I hope this helps, if you have any questions, let me know. I am now a prop professional! LOL
  2. Thanks for the info! I have purchased Hill Marine 28P props. They are on the way. I will report back once I got them installed and let everyone know the outcome.
  3. Yes, good thought. I need to test it again now that I understand what's going on.
  4. Agree, no trim on this run, was the first time I had it out. Only got to 80% throttle. I'm looking into the prop balancing, then a prop tune, then new props, then last resort a gear change. I will report back.
  5. Gear ratio is 2.2, and speed was on GPS (40mph). I have it narrowed to 2 possible problems. #1, these props aren't the right fit for this engine as geared at normal altitude, and I need to convert to 28P, or #2, the props are not tuned right and not giving enough bite. I may need to take them to a prop shop and have them cupped a bit to get more traction. Per the prop gods.... I think I will try tune the props first, then spend the money on new props if that doesn't solve my problem.
  6. I put my 2019 297 SSX in the water for the first time yesterday! I think I have a prop issue. I get the throttle to about 80% and the RPM is already maxing out at 5,000 and the speed is only about 40 MPH. It came with 26P dual props. The engine is 8.2L HO with Bravo 3 drive. Has anyone had similar experience with this combination? I am looking for recommendations on ways to get full throttle range and keep RPM under 5000. I was expecting to hit 50+ with this boat. Should I use 28P props, or try something different? Thanks!
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