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  1. We have a signature 270 with the 5.7 gxi-j. Lost a line from the remote oil filter, dumped all the oil in the bilge, and didn't know about it until it started to come off plane. Pulled up the oil press, saw 6 psi and immediately shut it down. But, not before a rod got pissed. Rebuilding the motor as soon as I can pluck it out. Are there any upgrades, ecm tuning, cam, etc? Right now it cruises at about 24mph at 3500ish rpm. I'd like to be able to cruise at 30, without beating the snot out of the motor. I only have a few hours on the boat, the PO obviously didn't take good care of it. Motor has about 400 hours. Coolant lines were clogged and manifolds were rusty and filled with melted rubber. Have new Volvo manifolds and risers on now, but got a bad rod knock after dumping the oil. Getting the 350 rebuilt and wondering how much is possible with the ecm as far as tuning with hp upgrades. Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. Thanks for all the input, keep it coming! I will definitely have a surveyor check it out before buying. I am curious why one motor was built with just 300 something hours. Has less than a year old bottom paint. General maintenance like impellers, starters, etc I can do. I'm used to working on a 496 without much access! I would hope they had replaced the bellows and gimbal bearing when the motor was out, I couldn't imagine not doing that. The boat will more than likely be stored in a wet slip. Trying to get some quotes on dry storage, just not many close to the house. The engines are raw water cooled. Not optimal in salt water, but that seems to be the norm on most of the cabin cruisers I've looked at so far.
  3. New to cabin cruisers, but not boating. We're looking at this boat tomorrow, wondering if there is anything we should pay particular attention to. It has the twin Volvo 350's, one rebuilt with about an hour and the other with 300 something hours. About 300 hours on the generator. Have only seen pictures of it, it's about an hour and a half drive from us. Will be in salt water in nw FL. Primary use will be overnighting on the weekends with the occasional couple of day trip. Just the wife, stepdaughter, and I on it. Thanks for any advice!
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