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  1. Sorry, can't help, but it sounds like that tach is getting wonky. What does it read under power? Does it match the other one? When I shut my key/engine off, the tach stays at the idle rpms before I shut it down. As soon as I turn the key back on, the tach instantly goes to 0. btw, I love tacos!
  2. So your engine is a 6 cylinder and you have it on the 8 cylinder setting? Did you try the 6C setting?
  3. Just want to throw a shout out to this site and all the members who provide the insite and knowledge. Saturday the tachometer on my 2003 SSI 200 started reading approx 1000 rpms too high. I remembered reading that it has a rotary switch on the back for different cylindered engines. But it was working fine at one point and I was pretty sure it didn't rotate on its own. So I got home and did a search and lo and behold found a post by "Slowhand" who talked about the rotary switch getting a build up of dirt over time and how to fix it. So I crawled under the panel and rotated the switch several times with a small screwdriver putting it back to the 8 cylinder mark. I took it out today and it works perfect. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This site is awesome.
  4. Jayrob, the neutral override is the button that lets you advance the throttle while "over riding" the forward/reverse gear. It's what you do when you start it above idle.
  5. On your key issue, sounds like a switch going bad. Try spraying it internally thru the key hole with CRC electric contact cleaner and working the key back and forth. Or a new switch is not that expensive. Also lie on your back under the dash and check the tightness of the electric connections on the back of the switch.
  6. That switch was on my list when shopping for a new boat. I can't imagine not having it, it is so convenient. On a different vein, I strictly trailer my boat everywhere and read about "trailer clips" for the cylinders. Does everybody use them, are they necessary? Or just good practice?
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I will check it out.
  8. 2003 200 SSi, Merc 5.0 MPI, Alpha One. When I bought this boat several weeks ago, 98% of the foam sound proofing material stapled to the underside of the hatch was missing. The remainder had turned into black powder when touched it. I cleaned/vacuumed all the remaining material as it was making a mess. The boat runs pretty quiet, but I would like to make it even quieter if possible. Does the sound proofing material work pretty well? Anybody have a good source for the new material? i have no problem installing it myself. Thanks.
  9. Thanks again. This is a good site.
  10. Well, did the power retrieval today and and it went pleasantly well. Sprayed silicone on bunks after launching boat. My wife came as back up (no pun intended), dropped her off at the dock, she backed the trailer down with water maybe an inch or two above the top of fenders. Slowly idled her up onto bunks and centered itself, gave it a little throttle and she rode up like it was on wheels. Leaned over bow, hooked and winch tight and my wife pulled me and trailer out no problem. I will have no problem doing this myself. With the lower hitch, the trailer is dead level and I think that helped getting the front of the trailer lower. Question, I raised the drive as full trimmed (not trailer mode) as I was concerned about grounding out, and had no problem. Never run the drive with it up above that, right? Thank you all for your responses and great advice. I am excited the warm weather is here finally.
  11. I like that idea as well, but dumping your boat on the asphalt would really suck.
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