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  1. Well, since it is for insurance reasons, 34 mph sounds good to me!
  2. Morning all. I am in the process of spring cleaning my 2003 200SSi and after washing it real good, I still have small specs of what I believe to be either road debris or something from the lake that appears to be tar or oil based. I want to get it perfectly clean before I wax it. When I rub them with my finger, some are hard and need to be picked off with my fingernail and some are oily like and smear with your finger. Is bug and tar remover safe for the gelcoat or is there a generic product that will work? I use a 1:5 solution of wheel cleaner and water to remove waterspots, but it does
  3. Morning fellow boaters. I want to get back to all and provide my results. Oil Filter; man it was a bear to take off, previous owner must have screwed it on too tight. It was everything I had with a strap type filter wrench and I thought it was going to break. I was all set with rags, diapers and a gallon baggie, but when the filter spun off, there was a 1/4" dam that held the excessive oil. Neat, I thought until I realized it was the gasket. Haha. Oiled the new gasket both sides, spun the filter on and all good. And yes, I first poked a hole in the top of the old filter. Water temp
  4. Darn Wing, that is good info, didn't know all that. Re, the t-stat, I will open it up and investigate. I just got this boat in April and have not dug into yet. I always questioned the 150', but when it was at 140' last weekend, it concerned me a little more. I'll get back to this post if I find anything goofy with the t-stat. Re the filter, all good. Sure is nice to be able to work in an enclosed garage over the winter. Thank you to all for the replies.
  5. I just checked my manual, says t-stat temp is 160. So I'm not too far off.
  6. It is an open system, 5.0 MPI. That's what I thought also, 150 degrees seems cool. Re the oil filter, anybody know about the filters with one way valves in them?
  7. I have two questions about my boat hoping someone with more knowledge than me can help. Seawater cooling system, temperature gauge never gets over 150', even in summer. We had a beautiful day last weekend and with the lake water being cooler, the gauge never got over 140'. Do I have a problem, maybe a stuck open t-stat? Or is that normal? BTW, she runs great. Oil filter, doing my first oil change and wanting to correct oil filter. I have a remote oil filter with the filter "upside down". Some say to poke a hole in the top of the old filter to allow it to drain back to the engine be
  8. The manual does say to remove the blue wing cap to allow it to vent as it drains.
  9. Appreciate your help. Not having to do the antifreeze each time is a huge bonus.
  10. Just checked and compared to the manual. It def has the blue round drain handle per the picture in the manual. So what you are saying is all I have to do is open the handle and make sure it drains into the bilge and then out the seacock? Should I be doing this all the time even in warm months? I'm in fresh water, so not a contamination issue. And the out drive, just lower it to allow it to drain? No need for antifreeze and muffs? And assuming engine should be warm before draining to ensure t stat is open? Thanks again.
  11. I live in an area where I will take my boat to the lake on decent days throughout the winter, but still need to provide freeze protection. Smith Mountain, VA, boat lives in an unheated fully contained garage. On my Sea Ray, I would use the muffs and suck in Marine/RV antifreeze and stuff it back in the garage. My new to me 200 SSI with 5.0 MPI has a single point drain handle which I have never opened. Can anyone tell me what I should be doing? The manual explains both procedures, draining the system as well as running antifreeze thru the muffs. Thanks. Cris
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