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  1. The manual does say to remove the blue wing cap to allow it to vent as it drains.
  2. Appreciate your help. Not having to do the antifreeze each time is a huge bonus.
  3. Just checked and compared to the manual. It def has the blue round drain handle per the picture in the manual. So what you are saying is all I have to do is open the handle and make sure it drains into the bilge and then out the seacock? Should I be doing this all the time even in warm months? I'm in fresh water, so not a contamination issue. And the out drive, just lower it to allow it to drain? No need for antifreeze and muffs? And assuming engine should be warm before draining to ensure t stat is open? Thanks again.
  4. I live in an area where I will take my boat to the lake on decent days throughout the winter, but still need to provide freeze protection. Smith Mountain, VA, boat lives in an unheated fully contained garage. On my Sea Ray, I would use the muffs and suck in Marine/RV antifreeze and stuff it back in the garage. My new to me 200 SSI with 5.0 MPI has a single point drain handle which I have never opened. Can anyone tell me what I should be doing? The manual explains both procedures, draining the system as well as running antifreeze thru the muffs. Thanks. Cris
  5. Sorry, I was being my sarcastic self. Glad you found it.
  6. I guess as long as there is no water in the ski locker, no problem, then, heh?
  7. You used the term "bog when accelerating" and stuck at 3,000 rpms. . That to me would negate any issue of drive slippage as the engine should shoot to redline is slippage was the issue if everything else is working properly. Something is amiss with your engine, fuel or ignition.
  8. Sorry, can't help, but it sounds like that tach is getting wonky. What does it read under power? Does it match the other one? When I shut my key/engine off, the tach stays at the idle rpms before I shut it down. As soon as I turn the key back on, the tach instantly goes to 0. btw, I love tacos!
  9. So your engine is a 6 cylinder and you have it on the 8 cylinder setting? Did you try the 6C setting?
  10. Just want to throw a shout out to this site and all the members who provide the insite and knowledge. Saturday the tachometer on my 2003 SSI 200 started reading approx 1000 rpms too high. I remembered reading that it has a rotary switch on the back for different cylindered engines. But it was working fine at one point and I was pretty sure it didn't rotate on its own. So I got home and did a search and lo and behold found a post by "Slowhand" who talked about the rotary switch getting a build up of dirt over time and how to fix it. So I crawled under the panel and rotated the switch several
  11. Jayrob, the neutral override is the button that lets you advance the throttle while "over riding" the forward/reverse gear. It's what you do when you start it above idle.
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