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  1. Compared to an electric starter, the mechanical spring starter is maintenance-free. And compared to other means of starting, spring starter requires no external system such as battery, cable, air compressor, fuel tank and so on. Cqstart spring starter is waterproof, anti-corrosion, and produces no sparks. With natural anti-explosion structure, you can use it anywhere dangerous.
  2. A mechanical starter which stores the manpower energy by compressing the disc springs and releases the energy by pulling the trip lever. And then the drive pinion will drive the flywheel to rotate. It is the ideal solution for a black start, mostly used in military, emergency rescue, firefighting, marine and some other conditions where require high reliability. It is also called mechanical spring starter, spring startup, hand starter, hand-operated spring starter. https://www.cqstart.com/pages/blog.html
  3. The closed chock is made according to the standard of ISO 13729. The type of the mooring chock is normally applied for the ship which uses wire ropes. The radius of the surface was designed based on the bending ratio of rope through the chock of not less than twelve times the wire rope diameter. The foundation of the closed chocks shall be determined by considering the actual load direction. The foundation and welding connections to the hull shall be guaranteed reliable transmission of the maximum loading to hull construction without any plastic deformation or cracks. The ISO13729 chocks can a
  4. The double bitt bollard is made from durable ductile cast iron or cast steel according to the standard of JIS F 2001-1995. The surface of the bollard should be without any visible flaws or imperfections. It can withstand use in harsh environments. It is capable of accepting multiple mooring lines due to their twin horn profile and has been designed with a narrow base footprint to fit into spaces on wharves that have limited work area. The marine double bitt bollard is made of steel plates according to the requirement of JIS G 3101 standard or JIS G 3106 standard and steel tubes according to
  5. Stockless anchor is used for various types of small boats and commercial shipping industry. Except for cast steel material, YSmarines will provide SS316L material for option or with H.D.G. finishing for your multi-purposes. The most common and popular stockless anchor type is hall anchor type A, B, C, speck anchor type M, JIS stockless anchor, etc. For another type of conventional anchor, a stock anchor is also in our hot sales choice. All stockless anchors are approved by ABS, LR, DNV, GL, BV, RINA, BKI, CCS, etc. https://www.ysmarines.com/products/collections/stockless-anchor.html
  6. Curved dock bollard is one of the most widely used types of mooring bollards. The upon the side of the bollard is also T head type (or Tee-head type), which is similar to the Tee-head bollard. If you have special requirements for the bollard, we can produce the products according to your drawings. It provides a simple and cost-effective way to fulfill mooring requirements and safely secure vessels alongside jetties, berths, wharves, and dolphins in ports and harbors. The design of the mooring bollard is safe enough to withstand the big storm, not even the head, but also the body and base.
  7. In the coil processing, due to the deviation of the coil itself or the machine, once the edge of the coil is not aligned, it will cause errors in subsequent processes, resulting in material waste or machine adjustment. In order to reduce the occurrence of such situations, the web guiding system can provide a solution for the edge position control of the coil. https://www.arisewebguiding.com/pages/web-guide-for-mask-machine.html
  8. The analog control includes the following 4 aspects 1. Analog controller The controller mainly includes three parts: simulation, simulation control rules and simulation elimination. The controller adopts a Cortex-A9 micro-controller. 2. Correction driver The actuator adopts the SE-150 deviation correction actuator. as a brushless DC motor, it has superior performance with a maximum speed which can reach 40mm/s. 3. The materials of the web guiding controller The controlled objects are the coil materials, and under the high-speed condition, it receives the
  9. 1. Track the edge of the coil, correct the unevenness of the coil when winding. 2. Track the edge of the material to keep the coating material equidistant from the edge. 3. According to different roll speeds of the materials, the speed of the guiding system can be adjusted to keep balance with the materials. The web guiding system has a compact structure, good mechanical rigidity, low inertia, high precision, suitable for high-speed and high-precision edge position guiding in the middle of coil processing. Arise is one of the leading web guiding manufacturers in China and the prod
  10. The double bitt bollard is made according to the standard of NS2584. The material of the mooring bollard is steel tubes or steel plates. The surface of the mooring bollards should be polished and painted according to Norsk Standard Requirements. It can be fitted with a warping roller if required and also can be deck or quayside mounted. It is suitable for wire or rope with breaking load when cross belayed on the bollard, widely used for small boats. There are also stopper plugs on both tubes and both sides of the base to make the mooring lines stop from any side. YSmarines is a professional
  11. YSmarines is one of the main suppliers and exporters of marine and offshore equipment in China. As a supplier specialized in an extensive range of equipment for shipbuilding and ship repairing, we have been doing this for more than ten years all over the world. The equipment we can supply include marine propulsion system, marine electric system, marine deck machinery, mooring equipment, marine auxiliary equipment, life-saving equipment, fire-fighting equipment, marine hardware, and offshore equipment, etc.
  12. Explosion-proof lighting is designed to meet the illumination of dangerous sites with inflammable gas and dust. The LED lighting unit meets the harshest environmental specification of gas group hydrogen. It can prevent sparks and high temperature inside the lamp to ignite the combustible gas and dust in the surrounding environments. According to the difference of light source, it can be classified into explosion proof incandescent light, high-pressure mercury light, fluorescent light, LED light. https://www.ysmarines.com/products/collections/explosionprooflighting.html
  13. pinkledstone


    The SA super arch fender also known as V type rubber fender is a kind of marine rubber fender, which can also embedded steel mount and nut on the top of the fender. It connects the front panel, UHMW-PE face pad installed outside of front panel, which lowers the friction factor between vessel and fender to avoid the damage of vessel and raises the utility of fender life. The design of the SA fender is simple and durable, providing trouble-free service for a wide range of berths even under the toughest conditions. It has better stability and stronger attachment to the supporting structure than t
  14. Marine roller fairlead, also called guide roller, is installed on the round-shaped base of ship deck between the fairlead and winch. It is used to change the direction of mooring ropes and helps lead the ropes to the reel. Ysmarines supplies a variety of sizes and types of the roller fairleads including swivel head fairlead, DIN81906 warping roller, JIS F 2014 warping roller, vertical guide sheave, NS2585 warping roller and so on. YSmarines also can offer the customized fairleads according to customer’s special requirements. https://www.ysmarines.com/products/collections/fairlead.html
  15. Anti-static workbench top The anti-static countertop is using a high-density composite board with the surface of 2mm thickness anti-static rubber desktop. The characteristic is to prevent all static electricity. High-strength plastic edge banding is used around the tabletop, which is strong and practical and is not easy to fall off. The top is mostly used in electronic processing manufacturers and the place with high anti-static requirements. Stainless steel desktop The desktop is made of stainless steel board with 1.5mm thickness. It is featuring beautiful appearance, good strength,
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