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  1. I have 6 Stock Panasonic 6.5" speakers with Stainless Chaparral Grill. If anyone is interested, make me an offer. I have pics, images are too large to upload.
  2. Ordered new light assembly - solved the issue. Thank you for all the help.
  3. Where do I get a new switch to match the others?
  4. I did run a temp wire - same thing happens
  5. Yes, Both lights go out at the same time. 2014 - new to me so I do not know if its a new or old problem.
  6. But it does NOT come on.. it flashes and will not come back on. Still confused.
  7. 2014 246 SSI Nav light issue. Please help. Hideaway light (flip up). When I flip the switch down the anchor light does come on, when I flip the switch up the anchor light stays on but the bow light flashes and then goes off and stays off. I have tested the light by removing it and connecting it to pigtails and a battery - works fine. I have tested the switch with a meter and the switch works fine. I have tested the plug at the light and it works fine. Once I plug the light in and activate the Nav light, get the flash - remove the light from the plug an test the plug I have nothing.
  8. I found the answer to my own question but thought I'd post it... The attachment that fits the existing tapped holes is a Wet Sounds TC3 mount. The tower is pre wired for speakers.
  9. I'm looking to add tower speakers to my stock xtremetower. I called xtremetower and they told me the stainless caps on each side are for speaker mounts. They said that they do not provide this part but that Chaparral may. Does anyone know of a mount for this area? If not, can tower speakers be mounted to the back bar by running internal wire? Under the cover is a center hole that has a black plug in it.
  10. I typically throw the anchor out 10' or so and that's it... Do I need to reverse it to set it better?
  11. I have 4-5' of chain at the end of the rope, then all rope.
  12. Newbie question - We have a 2014 246SSI and we do all of our boating in Midwest lakes. Most, if not all, are mud bottom lakes. I believe our current anchor is the one that came with the boat. It fits nicely into its bow pocket and has slots made for it (so I'm assuming its the one that came with the boat). My issue is that it does not hold us and we drift almost every time I throw it out. Do we need a different style or maybe a bigger now? Why am I the only boat moving with the anchor out in the cove? I loaded a picture of the style anchor we currently have.
  13. Hello and good morning! I just bought a 2014 246 SSi with the Volvo 300hp engine. When I turn the key to the ‘on’ position the Tach digital display says its performing a self check. Afterwards it beeps continuously and displays a check engine status. The boat starts and runs without limitation and the beep goes off as soon as it’s started. The mechanic stated that this is only a reminder for routine maintenance and could be reset by pushing a series of buttons. Can anyone tell me what this series is? Boat has 150 hours on it. Thank you in advance !
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