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  1. Thanks everyone! $380 for the new ujoint/driveshaft assembly, so not terrible I guess. No clue as to what caused it, but it looks like one of the caps failed, overheated, and melted. The boat is new to us as of this spring, but the drivetrain had signs of being pulled before and shafts were greased so it looks like it was maintained. Doing the gimbal, seal, and bellows while I am in here. This "rolling torque", how does one determine when its met? The manual doesn't really detail what this is, unless its just installing a new crush sleeve and torquing the end bolt down to spec. The
  2. So I got it all pulled today, and sure enough the ujoints completely failed as shown below. We were VERY fortunate that it did not damage the transom case/housing, so it was limited to just the ujoint/driveshaft assembly. I think I have my list of parts figured out, but had a question for any mechanics on here. The manual isn't overly clear on this, but do I have to take the whole pinion bearing assembly apart to replace the crush sleeve and set the preload? I'm assuming its not a situation where I insert the new driveshaft splines into the pinion bearing and tighten with a new bolt. Belo
  3. So as I was pulling a tube this weekend to get my boat to have its acceleration issue to do further testing, making a turn at the end of the cove resulted in a sudden loss of power and a whole lot of knocking noise coming from the transom area. I shut it off immediately, knowing darn well what just happened. When I had it into the mechanic last week about my acceleration issue, he told me my boat had a clean bill of health outside of a slightly noisy u-joint at idle full steering lock but wasn't much to be concerned about since they typically always do that at idle full lock. Way to jinx me m
  4. Thought I would update the post for closure. I moved the pedestal a bit further down than I had it and the problem is cured! It hits the roller every time
  5. Yeah that why I was going to pull the spark arrester for the test ride to observe the throttle plate as well as linkage when the issue pops up again. I just looked at the TPS sensor and on the 8.1L apparently it is integral with the entire throttle assembly. So much for the quick $50 TPS sensor change like the 5.7 Volvo would have had. New throttle is $650-$1k online. Woof. Gonna probe it for voltage when the issue occurs to.
  6. Yeah I am going to keep an eye out for a nice used F5 prop to see if it helps. I hate to drop $1500 on a new set and the issue still occur.. The 62mph is speedometer, not gps. I still need to check it with gps now that I have the boat back from the mechanic. I agree it could be overpropped, but I can't see how this issue also randomly happens with only my wife and I plus two young kids. Its definitely more pronounced when pulling tubes/skiers but isn't restricted to it. I can have us 4 and will happen maybe once (twice max) that full day, then out the next day with 12-13 people on
  7. I know this is an old thread, but is EXACTLY what we are experiencing with our boat. Hey Lysdexic, did you figure out what the cause was?
  8. 8.1L 375hp on a 26' Sunesta boat (these also come with a 5.7L 300hp), so definitely not undersized. It only has 350hrs, so it better not be tired! The prop is the one it came from the factory with (F6 duoprop). I will snap pics of the plugs, but the color was spot on and consistent throughout all 8 plugs.
  9. Glad to hear someone with the same boat experience this Seven T's. I noticed the same thing recently with having one more person go up front and then it leveled out (granted we only had 4 adults with 1 up front, two mid-ship, and one at the stern). Its frustrating that I can't get a skier out of the water while I watch my friend yank 2 skiers out of the water from a similar size Sea Ray. I just spoke with the mechanic who had the boat for about a week. He hooked it up to the computer diagnostics and had no prior codes or current codes thrown. He then took it out on the lake for a t
  10. Minor update to diagnostic progress while on the lake this weekend. I pulled the check valve and it looked good and ball and spring worked fine. Not something easily sourced locally so it didnt get replaced yet. I also pulled the pickup tub and the screen had zero debris and looked excellent. I then hooked the fuel pressure tester to low side and it read 8psi. I couldn't get a good seal and it dripped. I then hooked it to the high side and was 38psi constant up to about 1500rpm. Volvo decided to put the fuel rail valve directly under the throttle linkage and I didnt have an angled
  11. All good info guys! Boat is new to us, and has been occasionally a problem (but didnt appear during the sea trial) ever since bringing it home, but I have noticed it more frequently lately. Chappypete, is the check valve on the fitting at the tank which goes to the fuel pump? My gas gauge reads half tank when nearly out of fuel, so I was going to pull the sender any way, so might as well check out the screen and check valve while I am in there!
  12. Danny it only happens on acceleration from a standstill. Going 20mph and flooring it there are no issues. Had 3 adults on the boat yesterday and two adults on a tube. Wouldnt get to plane without the S curve trick. Kicked one person off to only pull a single rider and didn't have the issue again. It is indeed as if the prop is losing its bite, but if it were losing bite I would have thought the RPMs would go up to the normal WOT of 4500, not 3000. Maybe its not full slippage though,, as 3000rpms is high for the 10mph its going while full throttle. I looked at the prop again and two blades on
  13. No weeds growing anywhere, no bottom paint, and has been trailered her whole life (also noever been in salt water). I did indeed try it will trim tabs all the way down and full throttle. When its not having the issues its basically immediately on plane as you say. When its having the issue, tabs and trim have no effect and the bow points to the sky. Won't get past 15ish mph and huge wake (good for wakerboarding LOL!). The issue sometimes happens when pulling a tube or skier, and sometimes happens without pulling anybody and just my wife and I in the boat.
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