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  1. Well, I bought it. $500. I brought it home and have started cleaning with the pressure washer. WOW! What a mess. I've said some choice words about the MOSS on the carpet. I can't believe how poorly people take care of their expensive toys. Despite all this, I think she'll clean-up well. As of now I'm utilizing sunny days to clean and will be placing it under my carport permanently. I've ordered a heavy duty acid hull cleaner to take care of the stains next The plan moving forward is simply to clean, shine, and get it running. This isn't going to be a long-term boat, but will help me get m
  2. I have updated my original post with a full album of "before" pictures. It's rough, but I think it's solid!
  3. Sorry y'all, trying to get a better setup for multiple pics. .
  4. Iggy, I'm well aware of the E-10 stuff. I've had ten years of small business repair experience and can tell you it's been the most counter-environmentally fariendluy and destructive issue... I now recommend electric for all minor outdoor power equipment. Anyway, I won't go there any more. My "non-negotiable" plan is to go through the fuel system, clean oil pain and change all fluids, compression test. A carburetor rebuild is in order too, whether it needs it or not! Because I THINK this is a carbureted engine. I don't know the maintenance history, so I'm going to be starting over- especia
  5. Chap243, where would you start here in a "cost effective" way? This season I really just want it to float and run. There will be some duct tape on the seats for a while. Also, what are your thoughts on how to repair the following hull damage from a dock collision? This is my number one concern (and upholstery close behind) in terms of learning curve.
  6. Thanks for the outreach! You think this is a good first boat? The engine has not been started by my choice. It does turn over, however, and I will do a compression test prior to purchase. Will be fully combed-over before running with carb clean, new fuel lines and a filter, new fuel pump, etc. Right now though, the plan is to re-pack the wheel bearings, get it home, clean it, and assess repairs needed. Then I'll throw a tarp over it and strategize/prioritize. Still my main concern remains: Is this boat and trailer worth $500? My impression is that it is after extensive research resea
  7. All "Pre-Purchase" Images: https://photos.app.goo.gl/TrmzV1SRyMTaWi7a7
  8. Impulse purchases. Some buy candy bars or lottery tickets, I'm buying a boat. I'm new to the boating world, and will appreciate the wisdom and information of this forum. That said, here's the boat story: A few weeks ago, I saw a 1994 Chaparral 1830 SST Sport with a 4.3L l6 MerCruiser in my friend's yard and said: "ooh, who's boat?" The response was jokingly "wanna buy it?" And then I thought about it. And that was a mistake. Unfortunately, my response due to my "thinking" was not: "haha, nooo- I have way too many protects already." It was instead: "how much?" Long story sho
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