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  1. I am having a similar issue now. I have to jiggle the throttle while its in neutral in order to get it to start. Trying to figure out what is causing this to happen. I thought it might be a neutral safety switch but the dealer said my 2003 210SS doesn't have one. I am open to any and all ideas! I just bought the boat so I am not sure when this started. The previous owner said he never had this issue!
  2. Trying to figure out this mystery and seeing if anyone has had a similar situation. With the throttle in Neutral I turn the key and nothing happens. If I jigle the throttle a bit with the key turned it will then start. I thought it might be a neutral safety switch type situation but I called the Chaparral dealer and gave him the part number of my throttle and he looked it up and they said there is no neutral safety switch the only 2 switches on that model throttle are the kill switch and the trim switch. Both of those switches seem to work fine. I don't want to be out on the water and the jiggle the throttle while in neutral trick stops working. Has anyone had anything similar happen to them? Any help appreciated!! Thanks! The dealer said I have the Mercury Remote control 4000 throttle P/N 858690
  3. Figured I would check one more time. Anyone here with a 2003 210ss? I am going to replace all of the blower hoses and was hoping to see a photo of how there were originally. When I got the boat they were just hanging from the transom. I have the white T from the blower and it looks like there are 2 points where the hoses are screwed down to with a screw and large washer. Any help is much appreciated!! Thanks
  4. I need to replace the bilge blower hoses on my boat. When I got the boat it he hoses were torn and not connected. I bought a be replacement hose. Does anyone have photos of how the hoses are connected on and around the white blower T Thanks
  5. DonziDon

    2003 210ss

    I ended up ordering the Solas 14.5 x 19 4 blade prop Solas #1513-143-19 get it next week and see how it works! thanks for the help!
  6. DonziDon

    2003 210ss

    I was able to verify that it does have the 350 mag. The boat has a 14 1/4 x 21 alum prop on it now. That I know for a fact. The owner said the boat does low 50's on GPS but didn't know what the RPM was. So still trying to figure out my plan. I wanted to try and Solas 4 blade alum prop. I am going to try and figure out my plan. the props aren't huge money so I may just order a 4 blade 14.5 x 19 and see how it goes or may just get a SS one which allows a swap for low cost.
  7. DonziDon

    2003 210ss

    The previous owner who owed it for the last 9 years didn't know much technical info about the boat. I believe it has 1.47 gear ratio but I am not sure. I wanted to get a new prop before I put her in the water instead of testing her on the dinged up 3 blade prop. It has the rear bench seat. The wood piece I need to replace is along the transom where the rear hatch lifts. right now its metal on metal. not sure what type of wood to use or how thick I needs to be. I was looking for a 5.7 they are very hard to find. I really got lucky with this one as the owner posted it as a 5.0 but looking at the cover It sure looked like 350 magnum but the angle was hard to see. I took a shot and went and looked at it and sure enough it was the 5.7. The owner had no clue all he said was the boat is really fast lol He had the marine service it and winterize it every year so all of that is solid its just needs the wood replaced for the hatch pivot and the blower tubing replaced and some general clean up. As a kid in the 90's my buddies bad had an 80 196 Chaparral with the 4.3 carb engine. We had some much fun with that boat that I always had great memories and always wanted one if the right one came up. a 21 ft bow rider with 300 hp and low hours fit the bill. Cant wait to get out there. I reach out to a few prop places like Propgods and they suggested a 14.5 x 17. I had been thinking a 19 or 21 so the 17 kind of surprised me so I am not sure. I deff want a 4 blade as I have had them before on my 28 ft Cobia but that was many years ago. my last boat was a Donzi with twin outboards so I really have no idea which prop to get as I haven't driven this one yet. So do I split the difference and get the 19 or go with the 17. The main use will be tubing / wake boarding and will always have 6-8 people on it and I don't really care about WOT max speed know this boat has plenty of power to size ratio but want to get up on plane quickly with a full load and tube/cruise well. Thanks for your help and sorry for the long reply!
  8. I have a Nordic Track GX 4.7 Bought it new a few years ago. ride is 3-5x a week all year long. I have had zero issues with it and enjoy riding it. The seat is comfortable and it has a wide range of programs and the price was reasonable when I bought it. I would buy it or similar again! Good luck!
  9. I tried to get my father to buy a 44 Ft Viking that was a woody many years ago. The interior on the boat and the engines were mint and ready to go but the outside needed some/a lot of TLC. My father is an electrical engineer by trade but also an amazing carpenter. He looked at it 3x and said no. He said to own a classic woody you either needs to be filthy rich or a filthy rich master carpenter. They sure are beautiful to look at but require constant up keep so that things don't get out of hand. My guess would be the price would come down as each week and month passes by. When you see them say 140k into it asking 100k they aren't lying. Labor of love they sure how. It all comes down to how bad do you want it and how long will you keep it and does the $$ really matter to you. Once you answer those questions then you will have your answer. For me I sure love to look at them and appreciate the style and craftsmanship but would never own one even if I got one for free. Good luck!
  10. DonziDon

    2003 210ss

    I just bought the boat and have not had it in the water yet. it currently has a 3 blade alum prop on it with several dings. I am going to be using it for tubing and wake boarding along with cruising with 6-8 people in it so I am more concerned with that then how fast it will go at WOT Trying to figure out if I need a 14.5 x 17 or 14.5 x 19 ect I want to go with a 4 blade will prob start with Solas Alum 4 blade before I eventually go to a SS one. Was hoping to find someone here who also had a 21SS with a 350 mag to see what they were running Any and all help appreciated. I also need to replace the blower tubes. They have broken and come apart and the previous owner was just lifting the hatch to clear the bilge. I also need to replace the wood where the engine hatch pivots. Besides that the boat just needs to be clean and it should be ready to go. it only had 237 hours on it. Cant wait to get out on the lake with my wife / kids and friends!
  11. DonziDon

    2003 210ss

    Long time boater.....first time Chaparral owner. I just bought my boat 2 days ago it has a 5.7 MPI magnum engine / alpha one outdrive and it currently has an aluminum prop. I am looking to get a stainless prop for it. What type and pitch are used on this size boat? We will use the boat to tube, wake board and cruise. 3 blade or 4 blade? I have been told a 21 pitch 3 blade was the a good option but looking for info from people with the same boat? Thanks for you help!
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