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  1. I pull my drives every year to inspect bellows, u-joints, and to re-grease the studs and all mating surfaces. If this isn't done the drive can be an absolute nightmare to get off of the boat due to corrosion. I have VP drives but I can't imagine Mercs are any different. It's pretty easy if it's done every year.
  2. Looks great! Glad to see you're making progress! I've been swamped these past few weeks and haven't had time to post anything. I still have some odds and ends to finish up but I'm going to continue working on that stuff at the marina. I need this thing out of my yard! I'll start a thread and document everything I've done at some point.
  3. The arch makes it look really tough.
  4. I plan to really scrutinize the deck and the transom. If those are in good shape it'll be tempting.
  5. Here are a few more pics. I'm trying to arrange a time to go look at the boat in person.
  6. I've always wanted a Villain III. I found one with a locked up big block that's pretty cheap. I haven't seen it in person yet but it looks to be in decent shape. I'm thinking of picking it up as a project. Thoughts? I would love to hear from anyone who's had one of these boats.
  7. I take all 4 of mine off every couple of years and have them checked and balanced if they need it. It usually takes 5 days or so. You can definitely get the bent one fixed up and keep it as a spare. The F8 props on my 99 DP-SMs are crazy expensive I can't imagine what the new ones cost.
  8. Good deal! Don't be a stranger now that you've gotten it fixed!
  9. I have twin DP-SMs on my boat as well. I do all of the minor maintenance but if you're going to tear into one it takes specialty tools and knowledge. It sounds like your mechanic doesn't have the necessary tools to disassemble the drive. If it were me I would pick my boat up ASAP and find a shop that specializes in Volvo Penta to complete the work. Their are good VP mechanics out there but they can be difficult to find depending on where you live. What is the maintenance history of your boat? Those props can be a real SOB if you don't take them off every year and grease the shafts. I nev
  10. I think it's probably for the best that boat had some red flags. Let's find you a better one! With that being said I fully agree with Dgiles. If you have a 4500 max tow capacity you should probably be looking in the 2000-2500 weight range. An 18-19 ft bow wider would be a great choice and you should be able to find something nice within your budget. Just to give you an example a friend of mine just sold a nice little 2000 Sea Ray 180 for 8000. He hauled it with his Jeep Grand Cherokee with little trouble but that was about the most he could handle. That's a nice little boat to get up and dow
  11. JGuilesBand

    Trim Tabs

    I just went through this with my trim cylinder pumps. The original mounting material rotted away. I cut out squares of plywood and coated them with penetrating epoxy then I put a couple coats of Bilge paint on them and secured them with a thickened epoxy adhesive. This gives me a safe place to screw into that's not going to rot away any time soon and didn't take too long. Coat your screws with a bit of 4200 as well.
  12. I never thought about how low the props would be to the ground on a trailer with the Forward Drives. That's a great point. This trailer has the bar like Raft-up mentioned. I would say this is a must-have for one of these boats.
  13. I use Cecil Marine for the majority of my parts but I'm a Volvo Penta guy. I believe they carry Mercruiser stuff too. Great Lakes Skipper is always a good choice too.
  14. There should be a new guide tube and grommet in the kit. Did you maybe miss the grommet and it could be leaking at the water tube and not pumping much water? Guide Tube GLM # 12820, OEM # 23-29804 Grommet GLM # 12830, OEM # 26-38970
  15. Hey I forgot to mention now that you have the boat back in the area I can always lend a hand if you need help moving it. It would suck to have to keep renting trucks.
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