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  1. I appreciate it. A dealer here in Arizona actually recommended (only somewhat jokingly) to look on the bottom of the lakes, because that would be my best chance of finding the piece I need.
  2. I broke the starboard side window in my 2007 Chappy 190SSi. I don’t need the entire wrap-around window assembly (5 pieces of glass), only the one piece of side glass. Dealership parts departments say they can’t help and refer me to local auto glass shops. Those shops say no-can-do. The glass is Taylor Made, so I’ve sent them an email; hopeful but not getting my expectations too high. Does anybody have suggestions or know where to find new or used glass?
  3. I have a 2007 Chaparral 190SSi with a Volvo Penta SX-A outdrive. The trim motor is mounted outside of the boat on the transom, starboard side of the drive. I am replacing o-rings and need the proper procedure for bleeding the system and adding fluid. I was told about raising and lowering the drive a few times, and understand the concept of the self bleeding system. I was told to raise and lower the unit, listen as air gurgles out, open fill plug, then leave it sitting in the down position for about 20 minutes while the air bubbles/foam subside. Then fill reservoir, close plug, repeat proc
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