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  1. Yes, you can wake board using the tie off on the tower. It was built to pull a wake boarder and offer a higher attachment point to pull the boarder out of the water easier and allow for jumps, etc. My 17 yo wakeboards all the time off mine.
  2. For 2, the total with taxes was $2,077.94. You can purchase these as individuals or a set of 2, it would pretty much be half the price of the two if you wanted just one, there wasn't a bundle price. I am picking mine up locally, so my total did not include shipping.
  3. @JRS03 if they cannot offer you them for some reason, I just purchased mine from https://www.theboatrack.com/. They can ship to your home. I think he quoted me $40 for shipping.
  4. Thank you @brclark82. Confirmed the same by DB. I contacted my local dealer and they quoted me $2082 after taxes and delivery.
  5. Update: These are Diamondback Marine wake board racks --> http://diamondback-marine.com/. It looks like they are OEM on the H20 surf models --> https://www.alliancewake.com/gear/2019-chaparral-23-h20-surf/. Unfortunately, I cannot find any retail site that sell DB's rack online. I've reached out to DBAmerica directly asking for a lead and will update the thread if I hear back.
  6. Reattaching the photo as a jpeg.
  7. I am looking to install wakeboard tower racks to my 2020 237 SSX with power tower. Most racks are for polls and I am having problems finding a mount for the power tower. I was docked at a marina this week and saw a boat with some installed, made specifically for Chaparral's power tower. However, I cannot identify the maker. Hoping someone can help me identify who makes these wake tower racks (pictured), DB? I looked up DB and DL3 and cannot find any website or manufacturer under that name. Anyone know the manufacturer or an online retailer that sells them?
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