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  1. For 2, the total with taxes was $2,077.94. You can purchase these as individuals or a set of 2, it would pretty much be half the price of the two if you wanted just one, there wasn't a bundle price. I am picking mine up locally, so my total did not include shipping.
  2. @JRS03 if they cannot offer you them for some reason, I just purchased mine from https://www.theboatrack.com/. They can ship to your home. I think he quoted me $40 for shipping.
  3. Thank you @brclark82. Confirmed the same by DB. I contacted my local dealer and they quoted me $2082 after taxes and delivery.
  4. Update: These are Diamondback Marine wake board racks --> http://diamondback-marine.com/. It looks like they are OEM on the H20 surf models --> https://www.alliancewake.com/gear/2019-chaparral-23-h20-surf/. Unfortunately, I cannot find any retail site that sell DB's rack online. I've reached out to DBAmerica directly asking for a lead and will update the thread if I hear back.
  5. Reattaching the photo as a jpeg.
  6. I am looking to install wakeboard tower racks to my 2020 237 SSX with power tower. Most racks are for polls and I am having problems finding a mount for the power tower. I was docked at a marina this week and saw a boat with some installed, made specifically for Chaparral's power tower. However, I cannot identify the maker. Hoping someone can help me identify who makes these wake tower racks (pictured), DB? I looked up DB and DL3 and cannot find any website or manufacturer under that name. Anyone know the manufacturer or an online retailer that sells them?
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