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  1. I AGREE! Thank you for pointing that out. I like to know the inner-workings of most of whats resonable to understand. Where would I find this information? Its certainly not in the manuals. Yes they have some schematics of the water lines and electrical.. but nothing a newbie can understand. I've searched the internet for hours daily looking for data and came up with next to nothing.
  2. Thank you! what about the heater. Do I just run the AC and set the temp... and that runs the AC or the heat?
  3. Thank you! Can I start the boat with the shore line plugged into the boat? Whats your sequence on the Generator start up?
  4. I’ve had a ton of fun with my 2015 284, but just purchased a 07 signature 330. I did a sea trial and survey and it’s scheduled to be delivered next week. I can’t remember and wasn’t smart enough to take notes about what to do when plugging into shore power, checklist when starting, when leaving (shutdown) or when running the generator. it’s always in a covered slip. Does anyone have a checklist? Thank you!
  5. Does anyone know where I can find a Chaparral Signature 330/350 toy or model for display?
  6. What year did chap stop selling the aluminum arch on Signature models?
  7. This one on Amazon is a lot less and is the same exact unit: https://www.amazon.com/Aqua-Signal-24600-7-BI-COLOR-HIDEAWAY/dp/B000OHNIZS
  8. Also David, you mentioned earlier that it was pretty easy to bypass the flip that activates the light... can you show/tell me how to do that? With that working for you, why did you decide to buy the whole unit from Amazon?
  9. Thanks.. What type of connector? Can you provide a link please?
  10. This one is HALF the price of Cicelmarine’s... shocker I know ...https://www.boatersland.com/asl246007.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw5cL2BRASEiwAENqAPrDRibB1NIAMYQmtrGRrIABpNfyFWpDPwkS0uuKVnqCIZ4nt19gFKxoCtWIQAvD_BwE
  11. Kylesalone


    I found out in 10 minutes on the chaparral page that I was missing this
  12. Kylesalone


    I’ve got a 2015 Sunesta 284. It has a vacu flush but I have no idea how to operate it. the switch in the head appears to be turned on and it looks like I need some kind of key to turn it off. Every time I start the boat I can hear the vacuum seal (about 10 seconds).. I have a full 20 gallons of water in the holding tank. All other faucets and spikets work great. with the battery on, the Green Power button is on. The 3/4 light is yellow. With the battery and the water pressure on, if I press up with my foot on the flusher, no water enters the tank. If I press down it flushes great (after I put some bottled water in the bowl), vacuum seal sounds and then it stops after 10-12 seconds. im not sure how to operate it, what model it is, or how to pump it out (steps to follow). any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Kylesalone


    I need that key as well.. has anyone ever found where to get it?
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