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  1. Watching YouTube vids of Lske Powell. Wow! Beautiful...draws 3 million visitors a year. 2nd largest man made lake in the nation created from the Glen Canyon Dam. 2000 miles of shoreline! What about all of those rocks? I dread them and the damage they would do to my B3. We have a lot of rocky areas in Lake Huron around Charity Island. Rocks Give me the willies!!! LOL
  2. Try this site: Chaparral Cockpit Carpet Kits https://www.snapincarpet.com/ecommerce/Chaparral-Cockpit-Carpet-Kits.cfm?cat_id=652
  3. https://www.westmarine.com/buy/pettit-paint--odyssey-hd-multi-season-copolymer-ablative-antifouling-paint--P019762863?cm_mmc=EM-_-National_cold-_-2020_9_21-_-BANR1001
  4. Got it. Makes sense to seal that area (under the tank) off from the bilge then (or would that create a moisture trap for mold?)
  5. Wow, sounds like a great trip! Your in Lake Powell. Right? (I googled Dangling Rope Marina and Utah came up) It's 44 degrees here in Michigan this morning, but hoping the coming weekends bring some nice cool boating scenery here on Lake Huron before we pull out and winterize in October. Post some pictures. I always heard good things about Lake Powell!!! Happy Boating!
  6. Nice presentation and very professional work. Just wondering what year your boat is and my concern about those holes in the fuel tank & how many years those aluminum tanks last? Thanks for sharing!!! Good luck!
  7. Great information! Thanks for your advice!!!
  8. Wingnut, Is this common for small blocks too? Does a 377 MAG put a lot of heat through the drive too? Just curious...Thanks!
  9. Hey Texas Pilot, I want to do exactly what you did next year. I purchased the VV4 unit, got a 6 months interest free deal from PayPal/eBay for 985 deer. I do not have a junction box so i need to get the cable and junction box just like you did.. i plan to make & modify my gage plate just like you did too. If I remember right,, you have a 2011 Sig270 right? If you can share what cables and J-Box you used, I would appreciate it! Thanks! Randy
  10. That is why I traded my R180 Center Console Robalo in for a 270 sig. Lake Huron can be punishing!
  11. I use navionics and boat us apps to watch weather bouys on lake huron. Wind speeds are the biggest concerns for me. Some of the bouys report wave heights. Watching the weather can help you avoid bad seas but occasionally squalls pop up out of no where. The bigger the boat thd better for big water!
  12. Do you have a shore power switch like this one? Is the green light blinking? Sometimes when I come back to the boat mine is blinking but there is no power. I turn everything off, dock post and galley and re-connect, hit the breaker and when the green light is steady the shore power is on. Not sure what this means but hope this helps...
  13. youtube has some good videos on this. Here is one of them...
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