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  1. I've been around boats my whole life but I've never heard or encountered something like this. Like I said, this will be my last Chaparral unless I can get more information or a better explanation. I've done all I can as a customer.
  2. I added a few sandbags (maybe 150lbs?) to the storage area under the dash. It straightened right out and the list is gone. I can safely conclude that the cause is a weight distribution issue. I have to admit that Phillbo may have been on to something with the comments about more people in the boat. I still can't explain why the boat sits naturally with a list when there is no weight added. I'll have it in for winterization and regular service at the end of the summer so I'll see what the local Chaparral service team has to say about it. For now, it runs great and sits well
  3. I am going to add weight to starboard side and see how much it takes to balance out. I have a bunch of sandbags available to test with. Hopefully, 100-200 additional pounds will do it. With just me in the boat at helm, it still lists and I am 190lbs so let's see what happens with 100-200 pounds of additional ballast. If that works, then I can live with it. If it winds up taking 400 or 500lb or something crazy like that.....then something is definitely wrong with this boat or Chaparral makes crappy boats. I'll be up this weekend so I'll report back when I can. Phillbo: Unfortu
  4. Emptied all 20 gal H2O this afternoon and took a pic. Then filled water and took a pic. No real difference between the two pics. If anything, it listed slightly more when there was no water in it but again, the difference is small
  5. I will empty the water and take another pic. That's the one scenario I have not checked: full fuel, no water, no waste Phillbo: that's what I am going to try next. I plan to put as much weight onboard as it takes to balance the boat and I'm curious to know how much weight it will take to do that. I tried calling my local Chaparral dealer, Nichols Marine, but they are backed up 10 weeks to even begin looking at it. That sucks because I was really hoping they could at least tell me if this is normal/not normal and maybe provide a few suggestions of what could be causing it if
  6. On my 307, the amp is located behind the subwoofer which is directly behind the passenger seat. It is accessed by removing a corner seat cushion. Good luck
  7. The dock is in quiet lake water so the lines are taught to keep it centered. The white part are rollers so the lines are tied off above the rollers. I assure you there is no weight pulling on those lines even though they look taught in the pic. It's a big stable dock and an 8500 lb gw boat so those lines aren't providing any lift. Nonetheless yall have shamed me into moving them down when I am back up there However, in my defense....if you look closely, you can see me neighbors line at the same height on the right of pic Appreciate the comment about the 327. When I first l
  8. I wish it was that easy! But I do have good news: my gauge issue is resolved. I just configured tank 1 for 125gal and tank 2 for 0 gal. Works like a champ now. No idea why that wasn't setup on a used boat with 71 hours. Seems like an odd oversight but whatever....its resolved now. I'm still working on the minor port side list. I am almost to the point of just adding weight to the starboard side until it's even. Am I crazy for trying something like that? I am out of ideas on what could be causing it so maybe it's intrinsic to the boat? <pic removed>
  9. Analog fuel gauge on the dash tracks fuel perfectly
  10. I have no idea on the gauges. That's a real mystery to me. I ran it last night and tank 1stayed at 50gal and tank 2 depleted. First, it makes no sense that I show a tank 1 and tank 2. Second, if there is some legitimate reason why I have 2 tank readings.....the readings themselves don't make sense. The totals don't add up to 125gal even when full the most either tank has ever shown is 50gal. Day 1 tank 1 was moving. Day 2/after fill up, tank 2 was moving. The non-moving tank seems pegged at 50gal If tank 2 is a phantom, I don't understand why the reading is changin
  11. Update: The boat has a single gas tank (125gal) and I put eyes on it in the engine compartment. I filled it up so it is full of gas now (put in 90 gal). I also emptied the waste system which was 3/4 full. There is no water in the bilge. The only thing I didn't do was fill the H20 but I think it is 80% full anyway. My digital fuel gauge doesn't seem to be reading fuel correctly. When I started this morning, tank 2 was at 47 -- which makes no sense because it was at 50 last night. When I filled up, tank 1 increased from 10gal to around 50gal when full and I could see the fue
  12. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll test the trim tabs and fill her up tomorrow. I'm really baffled by this fuel tank question as there is a definitive post on this forum suggesting ALL 307's had single 125gal gas tanks. The post made a big deal about how there are gas caps on either side of the boat but they both went to the same single 125gal gas tank. Parts lists and parts websites show the same so if I have 2 tanks....that's a real headscratcher. There are no obvious signs of rebuild or anything like that. Engines have 71 hours on them so it's a very lightly used boat. The t
  13. I just acquired a dual-engine 2016 307SSX and in the dock I can see a noticeable list to port. When I drive the boat there is a noticeable list to port with just me in the boat. I can trim it out by lowering my starboard trim to 3 out of 10. At that point when the boat levels out, it's a dream to drive but it doesn't drive that way without trim enabled. Is this normal? Admittedly this is my first Chaparral and the boat dealer I bought it from didn't provide a lot of training so I am not sure if this is something that is normal (and just balance it out).....or I have something more goin
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