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  1. I'll pass that along to the wife... I'm sure she'll have a colorful response.
  2. Have a 2019 H2O Ski and Fish. One thing that we never liked was the lack of a true boarding handle for the swim platform. It makes it difficult at times to pull yourself up onto the platform. Anyone have any thoughts on some remedies? Thanks, Dan
  3. As mentioned, Lewisville is a very busy lake. Depending on where you end up, there are other options. Grapevine is a bit calmer but much smaller, Ray Roberts north is large and quieter and great fishing lake. I have my slip at Eagle Mountain north of Ft. Worth and enjoy it. Dan
  4. Guess that's not uncommon then.
  5. Have a new 2019 19 S&F. I have found 3 different size washers in the bottom of the bilge under the engine. Just happen to see them while cleaning. Dealer said unfortunately, that is not uncommon for "extra" washers to be left. Feel this is shoddy quality assurance. Anyone have similar experience? Thanks.
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