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  1. @solidgain thanks for the info!
  2. @solidgain what was the total? Do they come as a set or individual for each side?
  3. @brclark82 I called back and gave the local dealer this info. He said he'd reach back out to Chaparral about it. Thanks for the info, and we'll see what they come back with.
  4. @brclark82I have a 2019 257 SSX with the power folding tower
  5. I reached out to my dealer a couple of days ago to inquire about this. The parts guy said they would have to email Chaparral my HIN to find out what wakeboard racks they could supply. he called me back yesterday afternoon and said they were $4600! Dude must be out of his mind. He told me it was a Triton swiveling mount, which after enough research seems to be something offered by Roswell Marine. Nothing on their site confirms what the parts guy said. I think their parts guy is way off the mark here...I could have a machinist make a universal bracket for a fraction of that and then buy another brand. Seems like Chaparral has this on some sort of lockdown to keep the aftermarket options at bay.
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