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  1. I left out the fact that it’s a tow sports boat. Thought I would throw a wrench in things here for a little variety.
  2. 22’ 6.2L 375hp/410tq 38mph GPS at 5500rpm.
  3. I have a v drive so my approach might be different(no useable steering in reverse) I have found it the easiest to swing the swim platform as close to the slip as possible while moving forward turning away from the slip. Just get the boat floating in the right direction and give it little bumps of the trottle to keep it headed there slowly on the right path. Have a buddy standing on the swim platform.. as you get close move your steering to the other direction and start bumping it in reverse. Have your buddy catch the dock and help you walk it in. I actually find this easier than pulling into the slip forward.
  4. I thought Nestle was indirectly stealing all of the water from the Great Lakes?
  5. Some states have laws that state you are responsible for damage created by your wake, most do not. I don’t wake surf around docks. No where near size of the wake of a 50’ boat.
  6. 2018 Axis A24 is a beast.
  7. I saw an H2O Surf at the boat show and was impressed. Looks like a nice boat for an entry level surf boat. Surf Gate is going to give you best combination of ease and quality for a surf wake. I still visits and post on this site largely because I am hoping these boats take off and I can get some feedback how they are for wave quality.
  8. @Cammy This will do MUCH better than a Vortex. I believe they make this surf package For some of the Sunesta and SSX boats as well if this 21 is not big enough. I am curious to know how long Chap will use Malibu’s Surf Gate tech after Malibu purchased Cobalt(and could be using it there).
  9. If you are buying a boat to surf behind, a jet boat is just about your worst option. Look at a FFD stern drive(Chaparral makes a stern drive surf boat) if you don’t want an inboard.
  10. 2500K??????? Yikes!!!!
  11. Ever sheared 6 lug studs and have a wheel fall off of a single axel trailer holding a 4500#+ boat 5 hours away from home only to have a have a homeless 70 yo veteran with a car full tools, that was living in the park that you limped your boat into on the brake rotor, spend 5 hours with you in the 105 degree heat helping you pull the hub, hammer the sheared lug studs out, hammer new ones in and rebuild the bearings? Never again.
  12. Fair enough BUT you will be VERY hard pressed to find a boat with a FFD that is no labeled with "Surf" on the boat or part of the FFD drive package.
  13. Care to clarify? Who said anything about a FFD being more dangerous than a standard stern drive?
  14. I have no idea what you are saying here.