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  1. Awesome! That’s has to be close to a 60mph boat.
  2. That’s a lot of motor for that boat. 375 or 425hp?
  3. Right, I get that. Heater on at 40 off at 60 heating a small engine bay so it’s not constantly running. 2 group 31 batteries.
  4. Block and manifolds are empty. Heater is more for piece of mind. It’s only 400 watts.
  5. Steve&Steph


    Is there such a thing as an inverted that can be plugged in to 110V and function on a type of “pass through” but pull from the batteries when the 110V is removed. I would like to ensure power to my bilge heater if we lose dock power. thanks
  6. I have one that I purchased on amazing. 400 watt, comes on at 40 or 45 and shuts off at 60. Last week it was selling for $125, now its $200. Caframo Pali 9510
  7. Awesome! Thanks for the update. My neighbor at the lake has that motor in his Cobalt R7 and I love the way it handles that boat. Love the way it sounds as well!
  8. It’s an awesome boat and an awesome motor/drive! I think the new props will solve your problems. Don’t get too worked up from @cyclops2... he always has some kind of conspiracy theory. I had a couple issues with my boat initially and he tried to convince me it was a parts boat.
  9. The good news is, we ARE talking about boats, not cars.
  10. My 257 is 350hp (6.2L). I wouldn’t want any less.
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