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  1. Steve&Steph

    Shaping a surf wave

    2nd this. Boards can make a huge difference. Phase 5 boards are extremely “fast” and will provide maximum push.
  2. Steve&Steph

    Can I tow it? PLEASE HELP

  3. Gel is typically warranted for 1 yr.
  4. Steve&Steph

    Shaping a surf wave

    I would try to add more weight to the rear. The further back you can get it the better. Might even try to drain some out of the center. Try speeds 9.5-10.5.
  5. Steve&Steph

    2017 227 Surf SSX Owner's Manual

    Get it figured out? Should just be able to pick a side that you want to surf, select it, fill ballast, set cruise and go.
  6. Steve&Steph

    Box Anchor

    I have had several danforth anchors and if you are in mud and give them enough rope they have always worked perfectly for me. I would say that 90% of the people that I see having issues it is because they aren’t putting enough rope out. I have a small box anchor and I am not overly impressed. First of all “small” is a little far fetched, it’s a heavy beast compared to the danforth that I had. I don’t think it holds as well ether. My properly deployed danforth would hold several boats(and I used to boat in ks, so it’s always windy). My box anchor seems to struggle holding my 22’ boat.
  7. Steve&Steph

    Shaping a surf wave

    There are 40-50-60’ boats on my lake, I am not really concerned about the wake my 22’ boat puts out when these boats are cruising the cove at 15mph. I have been on the dock when both go by... not even close.
  8. Steve&Steph

    Shaping a surf wave

    Wait until the I/O industry figures out how to compete with inboards. I talked to a Cobalt engineer last weekend, they are getting close. It’s why I follow this forum, I am curious how the I/O surf variants are coming along (and I used to have an 08’ 224)
  9. Steve&Steph

    Shaping a surf wave

    Fastest growing watersport, and it’s not close.
  10. Steve&Steph

    Shaping a surf wave

    Do your boats have the surfgate system? Have either if you surfed successfully on other boats?
  11. Steve&Steph

    How Fast Does Your Boat Go?

    I left out the fact that it’s a tow sports boat. Thought I would throw a wrench in things here for a little variety.
  12. Steve&Steph

    How Fast Does Your Boat Go?

    22’ 6.2L 375hp/410tq 38mph GPS at 5500rpm.
  13. Steve&Steph

    New boat is in the slip but boy do I need practice!

    I have a v drive so my approach might be different(no useable steering in reverse) I have found it the easiest to swing the swim platform as close to the slip as possible while moving forward turning away from the slip. Just get the boat floating in the right direction and give it little bumps of the trottle to keep it headed there slowly on the right path. Have a buddy standing on the swim platform.. as you get close move your steering to the other direction and start bumping it in reverse. Have your buddy catch the dock and help you walk it in. I actually find this easier than pulling into the slip forward.
  14. Steve&Steph

    Who are you rooting for today?

    I thought Nestle was indirectly stealing all of the water from the Great Lakes?
  15. Steve&Steph

    21 H2o Surf

    Some states have laws that state you are responsible for damage created by your wake, most do not. I don’t wake surf around docks. No where near size of the wake of a 50’ boat.