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    Is there such a thing as an inverted that can be plugged in to 110V and function on a type of “pass through” but pull from the batteries when the 110V is removed. I would like to ensure power to my bilge heater if we lose dock power. thanks
  2. I have one that I purchased on amazing. 400 watt, comes on at 40 or 45 and shuts off at 60. Last week it was selling for $125, now its $200. Caframo Pali 9510
  3. Maybe he will change his mind now..
  4. Awesome! Thanks for the update. My neighbor at the lake has that motor in his Cobalt R7 and I love the way it handles that boat. Love the way it sounds as well!
  5. It’s an awesome boat and an awesome motor/drive! I think the new props will solve your problems. Don’t get too worked up from @cyclops2... he always has some kind of conspiracy theory. I had a couple issues with my boat initially and he tried to convince me it was a parts boat.
  6. The good news is, we ARE talking about boats, not cars.
  7. My 257 is 350hp (6.2L). I wouldn’t want any less.
  8. I had a box anchor... hated it. I know I am of the minority here, but it was heavy and just didn’t work well for me. What type of lake bottom are you dealing with? Good luck!
  9. Why, because it might have the wrong prop on it?
  10. Other way around. 32 MPH at 4500 rpm seems too high of RPM, not too low. Needs more pitch.
  11. He has not purchased the boat.
  12. You might have a mechanical/electrical problem as well but this seems pretty off to me. It appears (to me) that you are significantly over-propped. Is 62 mph a GPS or speedo speed? I would think that boat should be 4800-5000 max rpm at 52-55mph. When you add a tube or skier the boat can’t get on plane and is stuck 3k rpm because the load is too much with the skier and your current prop set. I am curious if the previous owners ever pulled anyone. And F6 doesn’t sound terribly off but it could have been modified by a prop shop to add pitch/cupping. An S turn might be basically rocking the boat on plane allowing you to accelerate. Once you are on plane the over pitched prop will feel like a rocket! I would see if you can find an F5 set of props to try before you buy.. it may cure your issues.
  13. I had to top mine off right at 50 hours. As listed above, I can never get the full amount in when changing it. I leave the vent screw out until it runs out of the hole, then I insert it and pump it into the reservoir from the bottom (I think @Wingnut suggested this method one time).
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