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  1. AWESOME!!! That was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
  2. Would you have a link to my system as your old links in other threads are now dead? And a link to the check valve? I tried Cecil Marine but found nothing. Thanks...
  3. So I started at the toilet itself testing and finally found the culprit, the waste cap is leaking the vacuum pressure. It appears to have an o-ring on it, has anyone replaced that? Replacement cap or even the fitting seem not available.
  4. Cruisers Yachts have more head room in a cabin than anyone across the board.
  5. It seems Todd can read my mind and make a post for me. LOL That is almost exactly what I would say and add Crusiers Yachts to the mix of SR, Formula, and Cobalt.
  6. I am thinking these will work, but do not have the unique teardrop shape of my hull. I really want the 2NM navigation LED lights. Mine are not for looks, we boat at night a great deal. http://old.attwoodmarine.com/store/product/led-vertical-sidelights
  7. I have the exact issue with my 276 SSX. Always a couple inches of water in the bilge no matter what I do. Cannot find the source easily.
  8. Someone here should point out the obvious, the CG only approves fixtures, not bulbs. Therefore if the bulb is replaced with a bulb type not manufacturer recommend the light is no longer CG approved. It will not matter until it does. These are serious matters not to be taken lightly. A friend put in bulbs, the super bright LED sounds better, however the color was washed out to the point it looked like a white light in the distance. The lens was not made to diffuse LED light. Additionally the CG has a warning out concerning LED lights and VHF interference. You should test t
  9. I am looking for replacement LED fixtures to fit the molded hull side. Really do not want bulbs as they are not CG approved. The current fixtures are ITC 81633SS. Also looking for a LED replacement for the stern fixture, ITC 81605. Thanks in advance Mike
  10. I just put a Fortress FX-7 with 6 feet of coated chain on my 276 SSX. It holds great and is much lighter than the stock anchor, but better holding power. I had to shorten the stock fron 19 inches to 14 inches and it fit in the factory position perfectly. You must put the rode forward to get the shank down in the locker. https://www.westmarine.com/buy/fortress-anchors--4lb-aluminum-anchor--P005_153_001_003?pCode=420646&cm_mmc=PS-_-Google-_-GSC>NonB>Product%20Type-_-420646&product_id=420646&creative=108171392404&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&gcl
  11. I actually think this an unfair point. Every boat I have ever owned was under badged. My Sea Ray 270 DA was 29'10", My Crusiers Yachts 3870 is 43'3', and the 276 SSX is 28'10". Manufacturers are bringing many models to the number they are so no pretending is necessary. In fact they were "pretending" the were smaller!
  12. Their parents... The kids put near 140 hours a year on the wake boat across from me in Michigan . They just run that thing for hours.
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