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  1. The actual company is Custom Marine Carpet and they have the web domain snapincarpet.com. I would never buy that original crap with the backing that failed. The marine weave is awesome, so much better than the original I have had it on my other boat for many years, looks great always, even when dirty and wears well.
  2. You do not even have to make a template, they have it for you. I just order from these folks again, good people. https://www.snapincarpet.com/ecommerce/Chaparral-290-Signature-06-.cfm?item_id=418&parent=652&navPanel=
  3. Wanting to install speakers at the foot of the helm and port side seat. Has anyone done this? I want to install JL 650's there, Is there room?
  4. What is under the port side seat in the base? Could that be a subwoofer location? Any idea what the speaker wire size is? I am already expecting I will have to replace it as I will need 12 ga. Thanks in advance...
  5. I did! I bought the 276 SSX from near Detroit. I was the first sea trial he did and he had 2 others scheduled the next day and 3-4 others begging for the chance to buy it. It is a very clean vessel, I call it a 9, my admiral an 8. Great boat!
  6. If a 2007 276 has an amp, where would they put it?
  7. I am looking at a 2007 276 SSX. 8.1 Volvo, (always had Merc before). What trouble spots do these have? Thanks in advance for input, Mike
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