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  1. well... I found this just last week. there is a black small hose coming somewhere from the sterndrive to the side {totally lose) and there is a pvc type white nipple somewhere hidden in the drive. im assuming that's the problem of course I havent taken to the water yet, but why would be this disconnected IDK. Batts | Alejandro Jaramillo | Flickr *** click here to see the pictures **** click left to see more pics.
  2. thank youuu! ill check on that
  3. I would double check on that! it is the 1st time it happened since last year, I would assumed that if the refrigerator was the problem, then last year I would had the same problem assuming the fridge would drain a batt in less than an hr. I do realized that the fridge comes ON when I connected the shore power with the switch turned to OFF position in the box and still I hear the compressor and batts switch is off as well! but I will take that into consideration. I did went back to the storage place, both Batts showed about 11V. I charged them and also ran the engine. I tested the alterna
  4. I chrged it with the Batt charger onboard. I will charge it this week with an external charger. and follow up to see what it shows after awhile.
  5. Boat is out of the water under a roof. no water goes in or out lol. I checked few components and they seemed to be isolated. About the batts water.. crystals... wet spots... Idk! Ill check that next time!! Good Idea about the Batt voltage! Ill start with that, I will recharge it with a AC charger and let it sit and see what happens. Thanks! !
  6. Hello, as you may know, we dont winterize boats here in FL. However, Im running my boat about 20 mins every month until summer comes back. My battery was dead last month! I recharged it and today again. 1) I have seen guys using interstate batteries in their boats! does it really has to be a marine battery? does it matter? Im assuming they are more expensive! 2) Even though the switch is in the OFF position, is it normal for them to discharge like that? or should I run it more often? Thank youuuuuu!!! :) Chap 260
  7. I use the GPS for speed but It bothers me to see the gauge in 0! hahaha
  8. sounds like a plan! ill do that. thanks W.


    I got an used 2004 260 Chap. when in the water, the speedometer did not work. I looked in YouTube and seemed to be an easy fix according to the video, just blow the line or get a drill bit in the front of the sterndrive where the pressure is collected, because of some sort of foreign object, but these did not work. I tried to replace the speedometer, but it seems to be working just fine by putting some pressure in the gauge and watch it moving. btw, it is not easy to find an oversize 5" gauge! seems that 3" or 85mm are standard for most models. I kinda like the idea of installing a gps speedom


    cool! I'll look into it! thanks for the information!


    Hello, new to boating here. I have a Chap 260 sig 2004 and when I fuel this thing, It seems that it throw up a lot! it's definitely not like a car that would stop when it gets fuel, instead it throw up sometimes a lot and sometime a little and then It takes back more fuel until the next 2 gals aprox. I usually, fuel at low speeds to prevent it from happening, but still! just wondering if Im doing something wrong, or it this common or there is a problem. I dont like to spill gas :0 lol. Thanks
  12. oh ok! ill look for it!! thanks for the great info!
  13. Hello! I have a Chaparral 260 2004 and I was cleaning the engine compartment when I noticed the lube oil container was half way down, I tracked and didn't see anything! until I checked the outdrive and saw a small leak! I look on youtube and they talk about replacing the gasket, which I believe It is to keep the bearing greased. any help here or recommendations. thank you so much. pictures are in the link if they can assist. https://flic.kr/p/2k1B9gp
  14. what do yo mean by a "no go" :O what does it do by the way?
  15. ohhhhh OK!!! you know what! I was thinking about it since it is a 10 pin connector 5 on each side... but I was like naahhh!!! and keep looking for the yellow!! that makes sense!
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