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  1. ohhhhh OK!!! you know what! I was thinking about it since it is a 10 pin connector 5 on each side... but I was like naahhh!!! and keep looking for the yellow!! that makes sense!
  2. well... this fuel thank as you should know, it is buried under the holding and fresh water tanks and not very accessible! I did checked the continuity between the tank and the engine block.. nothing happened! I did checked also to the BUS BAR with no luck! so what I did, was to grab a wire and connected from the tank structure itself and wired to the negative side with aonther wire. I guess that would take care of it.
  3. Alright guys! here I am again! and I look over and over and over and still cant find it! here a video I took. not the prettiest engine out there btw!!! lol The cover ITDOES SAYS smartcraft" here's a pic of another engine from another blog! a better picture I would said. https://www.thehulltruth.com/boating-forum/1068505-mercruiser-10-pin-location.html am I blind or what? that I cant find it? or is there any chance that mine is missing ? Because I really cant find this thing! thank you guys!
  4. hahaha awesome!!! thanks!!!
  5. Im not in front of my boat since Im on a trip but this is exactly the engine I have. does it help to see the picture? here's the link for the picture. Thanks https://www.inboardrepairmanual.com/?p=1180
  6. oh ok! I see the RED Reset switch in the bottom left of the picture! I also see the wire labeld there "CAN LINE" so... I should not be too far off from where Im looking at, If my engine has one, I should be able to see it there! I'll keep looking this week since the boat is at the yard. Thanks a lot!!!
  7. mmmm well I'm assuming that the engine matches the year of the boat which is 2004. I believe this is avail to models after 2004. Regular analog gauges! 5". thanks!!!
  8. mmmm well I'm assuming that the engine matches the year of the boat which is 2004. I believe this is avail to models after 2004. Regular analog gauges! 5". thanks!!!
  9. Hello all, Im curious get the vessel mobile thingy! I dont see a lot of info on mercruisers 350s. They talk about the smart probe and wire somewhere behind the engine and remove the smart probe to connect the vessel app wire... anyways! I cant find that wire, it says it should be yellow or purple! I found a 10 pin purple wire close to the fire arrester but It has nothing attached to it! it s a 10 pin and it's labeled "CAN" but still unable to find it. I have not order the product until I find that wire and make sure it will work on my chaparral 260. thanks in advance
  10. Hi guys. the boat was inspected and was found this: "no continuity was found between the aluminum fuel tank and the vessel's DC negative/engine. Investigate further and correct as necessary ensuring the fuel tank is grounded to the vessel DC negative engine resistance between the two is less than one ohm. ABYC H24" Soooooo.... 1) what am I looking in here? 2) a broken wire? 3) DO I have to make one? 4) what am I looking for? 5) or where should I look for? 6) is this wire should be connected to the tank itself or the sender or somewhere else? 7) my fuel gauge seems not too accurate. in the water shows something different than on the trailer. ex: in the water shows 1/2 on the trailer full! so, could this be the problem? or a sender problem? or a gauge problem? all the above? thank you guys! this is a 2004 Chap 260 Signature
  11. I did took it off. not much difference. so I guess is the water line like you said! thnks
  12. Kinda the same problem. kitchen, bathroom and upper deck has water! the pump I hear it ON, except the swim platform shower. just a Lil bit tiny amount of water!!! I opened the cold and warm water, still!!! I cleaned the inside of the hose end, could not see anything blocking. Unless this runs on a separate pump! any advise. 2004 chap 260 sig.
  13. Hello, Does anyone knows wht model is the AC seawater pump model for a 2004 chaparral 260 signature. thanks

    Head seacock

    Hi, new to boating here. I see the manual of my chaparral 260 shows a diagram of systems but it is not very explicit. It says head seacock. right by the fwd bilge pump has a hose with a seacock. just wondering what this thing does. cannot follow where the hose is heading to. it is just attached to the bottom of the hull. picture coming soon
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