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  1. Update: Checked stereo further, no power to speakers but power to head unit. External fuse is intact. Line out from head unit to Bose SoundLink works. I believe internal amp fuse blown. Ordered new head unit for $30, will see if that fixes issue.
  2. Hey Donzi, I am having a similar situation on a 2003 190 I just purchased. Takes multiple key turns before it kicks. If I get an answer I will let you know.
  3. Hey all, I purchased a 2003 190ssi this past weekend. It was never covered so a fair amount of sun bleaching on body and interior, has 327 hours on the engine, hull has two 4inch scratches (chipped off outer layer), tower, Bimini, and extended swim deck. I am a first time boat owner myself. Did some basic research and built the bullet. I live a block away from a lake out in California, so I thought this would be a great starter boat. Now for my questions. When I go to turn on the boat, I turn the key and get the loud audible signal but when I turn the key it take a couple turns for the engine to turn over. The times I do turn it, nothing at all happens, then finally the 3rd or 4th turn it fires no issue. Any ideas what that could be? My second question is stereo related. The stereo gets power, but no sound from the speakers (I knew this going in). The previous owner never covered it, rain or shine, so I am think moisture likely ruined the speakers abilities to work. I'm gonna pull them and test from there. Just figured maybe someone might have run into an issue like this before. -Cory
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