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  1. Problem solved. It was the shifter. Took it apart and switch was stuck . I sprayed cleaner on it and cleaned it.Easy fix. Thank you to those who replied to my post.
  2. Boat has 4.3 Mercury and it acts like there is a main breaker tripped somewhere I checked the breakers on each of the motors. Checked the breakers where the battery switches are...I am just at a loss?
  3. It is a 2015 Sig 290. Turn the engine switch on to start and nothing happens. Same thing for both engines. Batteries are good. .??? yes...battery switches on even paralleled. Checked kill switch. In neutral.???
  4. It is a 2015 Sig 290. Turn the engine switch on to start and nothing happens. Same thing for both engines. Batteries are good. .???
  5. My new to me Sig 290 will not crank.it is just like it is not in neutral or the kill switch is on. Is there a main breaker somewhere ? The breakers on the motors and the battery area are all ok??? Any ideas?
  6. Hey guys, I have a friend who is looking to purchase a 2016 Sunesta 284 that is located in Katy, Tx. Does anyone know a good surveyor in or around the Houston area? Thanks
  7. I have a 2007 Sig 250 and now have a need for a larger boat. Please email if you know of one for sale. I am not trading my 250.
  8. I also have a Sig 250 and I am thinking of moving up to the 290. And I am very interested in how you came out with the custom radar arch hinge.
  9. Ok guys. This boat is out. If you run up on a fresh water 290...I am a player. Thanks for the info and willingness to help. I will keep searching.
  10. Can you tell me what pitch your 290 prop has?




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    2. Larry Cole

      Larry Cole

      Ok...I am Glad to hear that you have a 290. Thanks for the reply.

    3. Iggy



      I am selling it this fall. We want bigger.............

    4. Larry Cole

      Larry Cole

      I understand!

  11. Not sure of top RPM but the motors struggled...no missing, oil and water temperature normal. Boat has low hours. Current owner states that he has never been able to get it to plane with out using trip tabs with only he and wife.
  12. Larry Cole

    Need Help!

    Ok guys, I currently have a 2007 Sig 250 and I am looking to trade up to a 290. I have found a 2015 that I really like. It is powered by 4.3 Mercurys with Bravo outdrives. I took a test run and the boat will not plane out with 4 adults on it. Could it be that it just has the wrong props on it or is it just severely underpowered? Help needed.
  13. Any idea of permit costs and if you always get one? Sorry guys. I left out NY. Question is permit costs for one time trip out of NY state?
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