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  1. I have a problem thread already going but it might be good to get this info in a separate location. I have a 2005 260 signature that does not seem to be getting to the right MPH for given RPM. It was repowered with a Volvo dps-b with a 1.95 drive ratio. I tried looking to see what props it has on it from the swim platform but I could not figure it out. Please list your boat type, outboard ratio and prop set. I want to get to the bottom of what is wrong with this thing. Thank you in advance!
  2. The work was done by the previous owner, I have no idea what happened. I also tried to trim the drive all the way up today before I went out but I could not identify the props.
  3. I just dug through the receipts of the repower/re-drive and it turns out that the new outdrive is the following: Volvo Penta Dps-B Drive Unit 1.95:1 Ratio (Part Number VOLVO-21766684) Does anyone know if this is the original ratio out drive that came with the boat? A change in ratio with the same prop set could also effectively change the final prop ratio.
  4. OK, The next time I am at the boat I will check. I hope I am able to get a close enough look with the drive trimmed all the way out. With that said, what prop set SHOULD it have? I just looked back through the receipt of all of the work done and I did see that they "rehubbed the props"? Also, is there any chance that a really rough bottom could be causing the disparity? One more piece of data: I just dug through the sea trial report from my surveyor: "Manufacturer's recommended max RPM is 5000 - Engine reached 4700 RPM and a speed of 30 Knots at full throttle while under load. Considering these readings the engine is operating normally."
  5. The more I think about this, I don't think there would have been any reason for this to have been switched by mistake when they re-powered. The tac still shows the original engine hours (all gauges are original)
  6. No problem at all. I'm just trying to get a feel for if something is wrong or not. Out in the harbor there is awlays some chop and usually a 10 mph wind or so. I know chop will slow me down, but even in sub 1ft waves, I have never seen over 25kts on the GPS at WOT which if I recall correctly was about 4700 RPM.
  7. Also, the bottom paint was fresh but it did not look like it had been sanded down all that well before painting.
  8. I would buy that if my speedo and GPS disagree, but they don’t seem to
  9. All great questions. I’ve answered them in bold in then body of your response.
  10. Compiled

    Pink seats

    I don't know what year your boat/seats are, but I just had MASSIVE success with CLR mold and milder and a magic eraser. I let the CLR sit on the seat for a few minutes and scrubbed off the milder with the magic eraser. I then sealed it with 303 protecting sealer and it looks as good as new. It made 15 year old vinyl looks brand spanking new.
  11. I have been researching expecting cruise speed/rpm/GPH numbers of chaparral 260 Signatures of my vintage and I don't know if the numbers I am getting are normal. I have a Volvo Penta 5.7 GI and volvo duo prop. The engine is brand new from 2019 and has about 23 hours on it. Last time out, 1 ft waves in Boston harbor, 10knt wind across the bow from port to starboard. 3400 RPM - Barely on plane 3600 RPM - 18kts 3800 RPM - 20kts 4000 RPM - 21-22Kts The boat has fresh bottom paint but it does look like it could have been sanded better before painting (purchased it 2 months ago). From other threads I have seen and from other research, I would expect to see a few more kts/hr with my boat/engine/drive combo? NOTE: These numbers were taking with 1/2 tank fuel, 1/2 tank water and 4 adult men on board.
  12. After nearly 9 weeks of waiting for the marina to get it ready for the water, I am the new owner of a 2005 Chaparral 260 signature. I purchased it in southern Rhode Island and rode it up to the Boston Harbor where it will be docked at a local marina. The previous owner had her since new and took extremely good care of it! Better still, it was re-powered (new long block and out drives) at the beginning of 2019. After the run up from Rhode Island, she has about 20 hours on the new engine and drives. It did not run that great for the first few hours but significantly improved afterwards. Maybe it was bad fuel, maybe it was just shaking off the cobwebs from over the winter. The only other time it ran this season was during the sea trial. With full fuel and 3 guys on board, it cruised at about 20knts at 3600rpm for most of the trip with the occasional bump 24 knts at 3800-3900rpm. My wife and I are very happy with our purchase and the condition overall.
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