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  1. Cblack229


    So close! But it shows it with a towel over it so not much help. Thank you though!
  2. Cblack229


    Hi, we have just purchased a 2005 235 ssi and it is missing the two center filler cushions for cuddy, and the stern table top cushion. I’ve found photos of the two center filler cushions for remake, but I’m wondering if anyone has pictures of the stern table top cushion.. we don’t know what it looks like and if it latches in? Any pics would be appreciated. Thank you!
  3. The fiberglass guy checked it out and told us that it’s probably wet, but the fiberglass could be fixed. However he said that we might not have rot now, but probably would in a few years, so we decided to pass on this one. You guys were helpful in this decision so thank you!
  4. When the Surveyor check the boat out he said Phenolic hammer soundings produced consistent, sharp reports with no Evidence of delamination or Deterioration, but Monday a fiberglass guy is going to check it out and give us a cost of the repair and what he thinks of it, it’s just a shame the boat is a one owner boat with 236 hrs and is it good shape besides the cracking.
  5. Thank you, those are definitely concerning to us as well because of the moisture readings from the survey too. It showed consistently high along the keel, but it tapped crisp and clear. We think the bilge pump is further back behind the motor?
  6. We have a fiberglass guy looking at it on Monday, would that be another good opinion? Do they typically do these repairs?
  7. We are looking to purchase it so I don’t think we will be able to drill it. What’s the worse case scenario if there is rot?
  8. I am currently looking to purchase this used boat and I had a marine surveyor check it out. He mentioned some cracks in the bilge area, port side stringer immediately forward the motor mount, and the bottom of the hull at the top propulsion motor shows gel coat stress cracks and minor cracks- repair as needed. I was wondering is this something I should be worried about or just walk away from the boat entirely. The moisture reader is reading wet under the transom and down the entire keel (see survey results), however there was sitting water in the bilge area from the boat not being on an angle
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