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  1. dealership just called, they replaced the electric motors and the tower went up. going to go pick the boat up later today
  2. Yea I tried all those ideas. Lucky for me the dealership is about a half mile from me, they sent a service technician over to my house. He tested both relays and the wiring harness. Both test positive, so Chaparral is sending two new actuators up to see if they some how went bad. Just stinks because this week has been sunny and 80
  3. I unplugged both actuators and also tested the fuse, all good. I un plugged the switch from the helm and that silenced the low arch/tower alarm. i plugged everything back in and still cant get the tower to raise.
  4. Hi All, I bought a new 2020 257 SSX OB with electric folding wake tower. Three days ago I woke up to find my tower in the down position. I was surprised to say the least. I had just used the boat the day before and left the battery switch to "ON" and left the battery charger on. I was able to power the tower back up. Fast forward to yesterday the boat was on my lift, battery switches in the OFF position, and plugged into shore power. I got on the boat, removed the canvas and unplugged shore power, placed the battery switch to the #2 position and the tower on its own lowered its self all the way down. I cant get it back up now. I have reset the tower breaker and even discounted both batteries from the terminals to try to "reset" the system. I even lowered the boat down into the water, and started the engine and attempted to raise the tower, nothing. Any ideas? I contacted the dealer via text and they are closed of course. Dealership said they have never heard of this issue but I was also the first to buy this new model from them.
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