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  1. Just reading. That would be amazing if you could help me out as well. I have the same setup as the original poster. 2003 chaparral 183 ss 4.3. I would so REALLY APPRECIATE, those manuals. I've had this boat for 4 years. Had it serviced at a marina.. Having issues I don't think, the alarms are hooked up. Also having some issues with the switch controls like the blower motor, bilage, and instrument lights. My name is John Selenica. Email address is victoriosiiws@gmail.com I thank you so much. Sincerely, john.
  2. I have two questions, if anyone one could help that would be great. First, does anyone know what the switch identification, under neath the gauges, what are they for? Second, had to take my backseat out because it was rotted. Does anyone know the dimensions, or can suggest a equal replacement. Thanks, john
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