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  1. Thanks hopefully with your pointers I’ll find it and not need a new pump. I never thought to search the model of the pump. Thanks again.
  2. I tested the pump. It works when I connect it directly to the battery.
  3. Sorry I hit submit before finishing my question. I recently purchased a 2008 280 signature. The fresh water system isn’t working. I disconnected the wiring to the pump and tested it using jumper wires. The pump worked great. When I test the wires back towards the source I don’t get any voltage readings. I don’t see an inline fuse or push button breaker. Any idea where it’s getting it’s power, or does anyone have the wiring schematic for a 2008 signature 280? Any help is greatly appreciated
  4. Hi. Newbie here..Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. I recently purchased a 2008 280 signature. The freshwater system isn’t working. The pump is works, I used wire tes
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