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  1. Yes crankshaft position sensor was replaced and I just came back from using the boat continuously for the last seven days. Runs like a champ!
  2. Fixed. Diagnosed as a faulty crankshaft position sensor. Thanks for the help!
  3. Thanks Wingnut, can't I also just connect the two leads of the kill switch together and run it to single out the switch?
  4. Was able to test for fuel and spark during the no start condition. Found the fuel pressure spot on 43psi and no spark. By the time I got my multimeter out to run through the no spark flow chart it started back up.
  5. Hammering out the basics has been an on going issue because if I don’t move fast enough the boat runs problem free until the next random time I can catch it and continue on diagnosing. For example, I’m hesitant to say the boat has good spark because upon testing (when in presumed no start condition) the engine restarted. So thats still a work in progress. Would getting this boat hooked up to scanner yield me any benefits if I never recieved any alarms? Are run cylces stored in history and would that provide any info that could shine light on the failure?
  6. The suspect: 2011 267 SSX 377mag 6.2L Engine ID 1A621151 I've been experiencing an intermittent engine shut down while operating at either idle speed and/or cruise speed. The only consistency with the failure is it typically occurs after 15-20 minutes of operation, once took as long as an hour (of heavy use) to occur. Twice I have a noticed a bucking/ hesitation, literally seconds before shut down, but only twice. Furthermore, the condition does not seem to represent itself while only idling in my slip, as I've left it running at idle and high idle twice for 30 minutes each session with n
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