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  1. Interesting! As @cyclops2 mentions, I had a similar problem. Mechanic diagnosed it as an overheating fuel pump. Has the faulty sensor been fixed and solved the problem for you, or is that what's being fixed now?
  2. Took my '96 Sunesta 210 w/ 4.3L Mercruiser to the shop today, and he diagnosed an intermittent stalling issue as an overheating fuel pump. Unfortunately, finding the 861155A6 fuel pump for that engine is not easy, and no one around me has that exact part. My question is whether there are other, more readily available fuel pumps that would work for this engine? It seems a relatively easy wrench job to replace if I could find the part!
  3. Thanks, guys! I did bang the dashboard as @cyclops2 suggested. I did not check the hot wire as @Wingnut suggested, as I was a little uncomfortable with splicing in wiring. That said, I wanted to come back with an update. I ended up taking the boat to the marina and having their mechanic look it over. His response this morning was that he thought it was the fuel pump overheating and causing vapor lock.
  4. Hey, all. TL;DR - Need help diagnosing intermittent stall at speed. I am at the limit of my knowledge here. My 1996 Sunesta 210 with 4.3L Mercruiser Alpha One randomly dies when I have the boat running. Boat idles fine, shifts gears without issue, and I can’t make the problem re-occur, but it does happen every time I take the boat out. The boat may run for 30 minutes without issue, but then it’ll die. Engine starts right back up after dying, but once it stalls, it’ll likely stall again in the next ten to twenty minutes. Things I’ve tried or fixed: - New fuel f
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