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  1. so, to make a long story short, the stalling issue went away on its own. I am not sure why or how, but maybe the carb cleaner and using up the old gas as well as running it for 10+ hours cleared up the issue. I did pull it, have gear oil changed and carb adjusted but all is well now. I did not have to do lower shift cable or even a carb rebuild. I'll keep an eye on it this summer. Cheers to happy boating!
  2. Does replacing the lower shift cable require pulling out the boat or is this something that can be done while in the water! Thx
  3. Hi - after some research, it could be either the solenoid or the lower shift cable. Since the shifting is getting worse, I would point to that as one of the issues. I am going to pull it out and bring it for service. I'll let you know the results. thank you
  4. Help please. I just purchased a 2007 215 SSI and having 2 issues - engine (Mercruiser 5.0L carb aplpha 1) consistently stalls under 800RPM. And always stalls when I am trying to go through neutral to change gears. This makes docking a real difficult and anxious experience. I also notice that the engine will go from 800RPM to 1800RPM with a slight touch of the shift lever - not smooth at all. And sometimes when I am idling at 1200 RPM, it jumps up 1400 RPM, then back down, then back up - kinda like revving without me touching anything. I thought maybe it was old gas as it had about 10G from la
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