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  1. Drewm3i...I will...I actually went out to boat yesterday...thought maybe it is a bad “new” starter...so I checked Batteries with volt meter and they showed 13.9 v and 14v on start and house. Boat started on ALL and ran for 3 minutes. I shut it off and started it 4 times without issue. Cleaned everything up and just before leaving tried it again and starter just spinning again.
  2. Phillip...I have a Group 31 start battery and Group 31 house on a battery switch. When on the lake and shut down the battery selector is turned to off...does this about every three outings? I have an amp meter I will test but mechanic who changes starter a month ago did an amp check on alternator and checked batteries. I am going to check alternator with my amp meter and do a load test at autozone on the batteries...just can’t get this figured out...
  3. Boater222

    Start Issues

    Ok Chaparral boat gurus...I have a 1998 260 Signature with 7.4L Mercruiser with a crazily intermittent issue. In three years have replaced 3 sets of Group 31 batteries. Replaced the starter...and boat continues to not start after a day on the water after every three outings. Checked fridge amp draw and lowered setting. Checked batteries and they are 800 cranking amp deep cycle batteries and fully charge over night on shore power...so. After a day on the water and the starter just spinning...I am thinking alternator is not sufficiently charging batteries OR wrong batteries or....thoughts?
  4. We have a 260 with one start battery and one house battery...can the fridge tank the batteries after only a couple hours? Is it possible to add another house battery?
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