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  1. But it's ok for me to drive the boat across the lake for 12 miles straight at near 50 with the bimini open?
  2. Was barely over 40, no traffic coming from the other direction, and zero wind out that day.
  3. My wife just informed me that when she was pulling the tube she did not use the tower. I was at work that day.
  4. It was a factory install as the boat came with the tower and the speakers, all the wiring for the speakers and the light of course were torn out so that will all have to be fixed also.
  5. Has anyone else ever had their Tower fall of their boat and into the middle of the road while driving to your local launch? I have no idea how it came off. I just bought my 2016 VRX 203 three weeks ago from a certified Chaparral dealership with only 100 hours on it and warranty still good on the boat until Sept of 2021. I have maybe put 5 hours on it since I've had it, I had no issues towing a Wake boarder and there was never any indication that it was loose in any way. I've contacted the dealer I bought the boat at last Thursday, who said they contacted Chaparral about the issue. My local Chaparral dealer won't even look at it yet as when they pull up the warranty info it shows the motors have been switched over to my name, but the boat hasn't so they won't touch it to let me know if warranty will cover the damage. I was given the names of two people at Chaparral and have left numerous messages to see if we can get the Ownership Transform forms to my local dealership and have not heard back from anyone and neither has my local dealer. I'm at a loss of how to go about getting this taken care of and am missing valuable boat season time, it's a short enough season already!
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