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  1. Feels good! Small boat but what we are used to right now. Not a huge fan of carpet I've realized. Working on fixing a few small things right now but for the most part she runs great. The trim gauge is max and up button doesnt work so I'm pretty sure the limit level switch has bit the dust from the diagrams that I've found. Loving it so far either way.
  2. Hey everyone! New member with a new to me 1992 1800 SLT Sport. First time boat for my wife and I. 180 hours and in decent shape. We've been renting for years and finally decided on a cheap entry level before we move onto something nicer and newer. I'm a 10+ year dealership master technician but brand new to boat repair so it's been interesting. Lot's of questions! Can't find a ton of info out there on this particular boat. Glad to be here. https://app.photobucket.com/u/Jayers13/p/6c06cdf9-19aa-4caa-95a0-38cfbd5a797b
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