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  1. Any idea if you can calibrate the gas gauge with the Medallion Viper ll? My gauge reads just above 1/2 when full.
  2. Update. I received a new transducer. I went to another dealer and they filled the void or transducer support with wheel bearing grease. The depth is now reading and is reading the correct depths. Thanks to Rick at Krenzer Marine in Sodus Point NY.
  3. Interesting, when I called Medallion they do have an extension for the marine division tech support. I did send two requests and left two VM with no response. What's frustrating is they have a "contact them" on their website. If they are not going to answer the request, they need remove the "contact them" from their website. Clearly they do not care about their customers?
  4. Thank you for the input. I also reached out to Chaparral and Medallion several times (both by phone and message) weeks ago with NO reply from either. I like the boat, however the customer service from both manufactures is very poor. My dealer has no clue about the Medallion system which makes this issue even worse.
  5. I am having issues with the depth reading in the Viper 2 system. I recently purchased a new 2019 223 vrx. The depthfinder worked for the first day and then gradually stopped working. The dealer sent me a new transducer (no gel) I tried it yesterday and it displayed the incorrect depth (i was in 40 feet of water and it read 7') Then toward the end end of the day it stopped working the same as the original transducer (no reading). Any have any ideas?
  6. I had the same issues. The dealer sent me a new transducer (no gel). This new transducer stopped working same as the original. Any idea what the gel is? The dealer has no idea.
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