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  1. kjk05006

    Battery sizes

    I’m looking to replace my batteries. I’m not sure the correct batteries are in there since I’ve never been able to start with just the starting battery selected. Anyone know what size (Cold cranking amps etc) the starting and house batteries should be? i have a 2005 256ssi with Volvo penta 8.1 gi-e
  2. kjk05006

    Lost power

    4/8 fuel injectors not working and replaced. Testing on water tomorrow but should be good
  3. kjk05006

    Lost power

    Yes they all looked about the same. I haven't been able to test it on the water. On the trailer, in neutral, it goes above 1800. Only tried for a second because I didn't want to stress the engine on the hose.
  4. kjk05006

    Lost power

    Update. I finally had time to get out to start working on the boat. checked the compression and all were the same at 150. next I’ll look into the fuel system. Any other thoughts?
  5. Does anyone know where I can get a service manual for a Volvo Penta 8.1 gi-e? Original engine on a 2005 256SSI. I found one for the 8.1 Gi but it is not specific to the Gi-e. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. kjk05006

    Lost power

    Ran great all day. Only on the way back in did I have the problem. Limped back in
  7. kjk05006

    Lost power

    2005 256ssi with Volvo penta 8.1 gi-e We were out in some rough water. As we were going along, I lost power. Initially I couldn’t go above 3000 rpm. Decreased to not being able to go above 1800rpm. I briefly heard a few thuds from the engine compartment and thought I had popped a belt but they look good. Engine starts up fine but is running more rough than usual. hoping I just jarred something loose but don’t know where to start looking. thoughts?
  8. We've never had a boat that was big enough that we felt warranted a name. We recently purchased a 2005 256 SSI. We would like to name it. Where does everyone recommend getting these made?
  9. Hi all. Just purchased a 2005 256ssi. Super excited but it’s the largest boat we have ever owned. I’m used to being able to hook up the muffs and run the engine on the trailer. Are there muffs that will work with my Volvo penta 8.1 engine? It’s the 375hp version. just wondering how to flush after a salt water use. thanks.
  10. Just purchased a 2005 256 ssi. Boat has 6 speakers (2 bow, 2 by the captains chairs, and two near rear seat). However, I’m pretty sure the radio is original and does not have Bluetooth. looking to upgrade so we can listen from our phones. Any recommendations? I don’t need anything crazy but want to be able to hear while on plane. the stereo remotes are also probably original pretty ugly. Recommendations? its the jbl stereo and the remotes are rectangle.
  11. kjk05006

    2005 256ssi

    Said fuel pump just replaced and it always whistled. Located in mass.
  12. kjk05006

    2005 256ssi

    Ok so I was originally thinking new but decided to look at a used 2005 as it’s less than half the price of new. 2005 256ssi with just under 300 hours. interior is in good condition. Exterior decent with some occasional scratches and one area of gel coat crack just above rub rail from hitting a dock. has camper enclosure, front and rear filler cushions. Snap in carpet. 8.1 Volvo/penta with dual stainless steel props took it for a test drive and only thing I noticed was a slight whistle on acceleration. Seller thinks due to flame arrest air leak. Thoughts and opinions on this boat? Fair purchase price with a tandem trailer?
  13. Ah sorry about that. the ssx has a Volvo v6 gen5 1.97sx 240hp. im still waiting to hear on the ssi. which motor would you recommend. I can still modify the boat they said. I’m thinking I would want to get one of the motors with more hp as this seems like the lowest option. volvo or mercury?
  14. Anyone have leads on a used boat in good condition for sale? Looking for something like the 23ssi. Want something in good condition. I live in Western MA. Thanks!
  15. I'm in the market for a new boat and leaning towards a chaparral. I have a dealer near me who offered the following and I'm wondering what you all would recommend and why. 2021 Chaparral 237 SSX be around $62,000 without a trailer 2021 Chaparral 23 SSI for around $65k with a trailer included Thoughts? What would be the major differences between the two? Does this seem like a good deal?
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